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Asset Scan Settings

Asset Scan Settings helps you personalize the inventory scan. This capability brings the customization to fetch the details from the targeted computers and the type of system components that can be fetched. This customization allows IT admins to follow their organization's compliance while extracting information on endpoints. 

With the Scan Settings, IT admins can include/exclude the following system components:

  1. Drivers
  2. Services
  4. Certificates

IT Asset Management


  • Software details, Hardware details, Antivirus, BitLocker and Firewall status along with system details such as users and groups will be scanned during every inventory scan by default.
  • When a component is excluded from inventory scan, all the relevant data will be removed from database.
  • Once a component is included to scan, the respective data will be obtained and posted from the subsequent inventory scan.

To customize the asset scan settings, navigate to Inventory > Under Actions/Settings go to Scan Settings.