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Configure Inventory Alerts

Table of contents

  1. What are Inventory Alerts
  2. Configure Inventory Alerts

What are Inventory Alerts

With Endpoint Central, IT admins can trigger alerts to notify on any changes that takes place in their managed assets. The notifications can be sent either through E-mail or SMS. IT admins can trigger alerts for the following events:

  1. When a hardware is added or removed

  2. When a software is installed or uninstalled

  3. When a prohibited software is installed

  4. When software compliance status is under licensed or when a software is used after the license has been expired

  5. When the usage of a licensed software is less than the stipulated limit

  6. When a commercial software license is being used

  7. When the free disk space falls below the configured value : This includes the overall free disk space as well as partition-wise free space

  8. When a certificate is on the verge of expiry : The User can configure the time duration prior to expiry of certificates for receiving alerts.

Configure Inventory Alerts

To configure inventory alerts, follow the steps given below:

  1. Navigate to the Inventory tab

  2. Click on Configure Alerts link from the left pane available under Actions / Settings.

  3. Under Notifications select the conditions for which the alerts should be sent. Select the configure and modify the Email or SMS settings or both through which notifications must be sent.

    Note: An email/SMS template will be available already. The user can configure the email/SMS template (individually) to receive alerts.

  4. Specify the email address(es) and the SMS number(s) to which the notifications need to be sent.

  5. Click Save

IT Asset Management

Note: Configure the mail server settings and the SMS server settings to send email and SMS respectively.