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Scope of Management

After successful installation, the first thing you do is to define the Scope of Management (SoM) to use the features of the product. The SoM refers to the list of computers that are managed using Endpoint Central. The managed computers can be from Active Directory, Workgroup, or any other directory service like Novell eDirectory. The managed computers can be either in the same LAN or in any remote location that are connected through VPN or Internet.

Following the Scope of Management section, you can proceed with:

  1. Adding Domain/Workgroup
  2. Agent installation
  3. Managing computers in WAN
  4. Managing computers from Cloud
  5. Configuring Modern Management
  6. Managing Computers running Mac Operating System
  7. Managing Computers running Linux Operating System
  8. Creating APNS Certificate
  9. Add devices to ABM