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Self Service Portal Reports

IT administrators often have to deploy various applications to different users/computers, consuming a lot of their time and effort. Self-Service Portal allows administrators to classify the list of commonly used applications, which users can install based on their requirements and convenience. To view SSP reports, follow the steps given below:

  • Click the Reports tab to invoke the Reports page.
  • Click the desired report from the Self-Service Portal Reports section.

The following reports about the Self-Service Portal are displayed:

  • Self Service Portal Dashboard
  • Self Service Portal Usage Reports

Self Service Portal Dashboard

This report provides the details of the potential savings availed following the implementation of Self-Service Portal. It is determined based on the amount of reduced time and cost involved in deploying applications to various users.

Self Service Portal Usage Reports

This section provides the details of computers along with the applications installed on the system. It also provides details about the actions initiated by users for installing, reinstalling or uninstalling applications.