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Migrate Log360 UEBA data from PostgreSQL to Microsoft SQL Server

This is applicable only if you are using Log360 UEBA with PostgreSQL and you want to change the database to Microsoft SQL Server.

The steps to migrate and run the Log360 UEBA server with Microsoft SQL Server as the database are given below:


To perform data migration along with the existing data, enter <Log360 UEBA Home>bin\changeDB.bat

To peform data migration without the existing data, enter <Log360 UEBA Home>bin\changeDB.bat false

  • The Database Setup Wizard opens. In the wizard screen, select Server Type as SQL Server. All the available SQL Server instances are listed. Select the Device Name and Port of the SQL Server from the instances.
  • Select the authentication type using the Connect Using: option.
  • The options are:
    • Windows authentication
    • SQL Server authentication

    Note: Ensure that both Log360 UEBA and Microsoft SQL Server are on the same domain and logged in with the same domain administrator credentials.

    For Windows authentication, enter the Domain Name, Username and Password.


    For SQL Server authentication, enter the Username and Password.

  • Click the Test button to check whether the credentials are correct. If the test fails, the credentials may be wrong. Recheck them and enter the correct credentials.
  • Click the Save button to save the SQL Server configuration. Please note that it might take a few minutes to configure the settings of the SQL Server.
  • Call into use the <Log360 UEBA Home>bin\run.bat to start the Log360 UEBA server in command prompt.
  • After the server starts, stop the server by terminating the run.bat in command prompt or call into use the <Log360 UEBA Home>binshutdown.bat
  • Restart the Log360 UEBA application to work with Microsoft SQL Server as the database.