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Report Settings

Custom Reports

Follow the steps below to create custom reports based on your organization's requirements.

  • Navigate to Anomaly Reports → Custom Reports.
  • Click on Create Custom Report and enter a name for the report.
  • Based on what information you require in the report, select the Custom Group, Source Report, and Action.
  • Choose the parameter (time, count, and pattern) based on which the anomaly is determined.
    • Time - The time at which the event(s) occurred.
    • Count - The number of times the event(s) has occurred.
    • Pattern - The pattern the event(s) follows.
  • Use the Select Views option to specify the granular details that should be included in the report. Click Add and then Create.
  • Custom report creation

Schedule Reports

Reports can be automated by scheduling the reports at specific time intervals. The scheduled reports can also be automatically sent through email to stakeholders at desired time intervals or saved at a user-defined storage path.

Custom report creation

  • Navigate to Anomaly Reports → Schedule Reports.
  • Enter a name for the schedule and choose the reports which you wish to schedule.
  • Select how often you wish to receive the report, the time-range the report will cover, and the report format. You can also specify a desired storage path for the scheduled reports.
  • Enter the mail address to which the report will be sent and an email subject.