Maintaining High Availability for Mobile Device Manager Plus

One of the most important consideration while choosing a software for managing mobile devices, is the server uptime. Most cloud service providers guarantee a 99.9% uptime but with organizations that set up the server on-premises, the onus falls on the organization to ensure there's no downtime during scheduled maintenance and unforeseen circumstances.

Failover Server

In order to maintain the industry's High Availability standards, Mobile Device Manager Plus allows organizations to configure a failover server. This failover server is a proactive measure that allows organizations to set up a secondary server that automatically takes over when the primary server fails. This helps ensure organizations don't face down time even in the events of a server crash or scheduled maintenance.

How does a Failover Server work?

A failover server is a secondary server for High Availability, that is configured along with the primary server. The secondary server is set to listen only mode, and remains up to date along with the primary server. This ensures there is no loss of information when the primary server goes down and the secondary server takes up. Should the primary server go down under any circumstances, the secondary server automatically takes up the tasks without any user intervention.

The mobile devices communicate with the primary server using a Virtual IP, this is required to ensure the communication is automatically routed to the secondary server. The database must also be configured on a remote system which can be accessed by both the primary and secondary servers.

MDM Failover architecture

To learn more about how to configure a failover server, refer this link

Give Failover Server a try, free for 30 days, by navigating to Admin -> Failover Server -> Try Failover Server

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