How to enroll iOS devices in bulk without Apple Configurator or ABM?


Apple is working to make mobile device management for organizations with the help of Apple Configurator and the Apple Business Manager (ABM). These methods help enroll corporate devices into Mobile Device Manager Plus in bulk and with mandatory supervision. Supervision is essential in most organizatons as it provides additional control to the admin over these corporate devices.

But both these enrollment methods come with certain pre-requisites like Apple Configurator can only be used on a Mac machine and ABM is not available in all the countries. So it will become dificult for organizations that don't meet these requirements to enroll corporate device into a mobile device management solution. Mobile Device Manager Plus provides a workaround that allows admins to enroll devices in bulk. The only drawback being the devices cannot be supervised with this enrollment method.


Follow the steps given below to enroll devices using this enrollment method.

  1. On the MDM console, navigate to Apple Configurator under Enrollment.
  2. If you have not enrolled any devices using Apple Configurator, you'll be able to see the steps to enroll devices using Apple Configurator. In step 5 you have a URL available. Copy this URL.
  3. If you already have a device enrolled using Apple Configurator, you can access this URL by navigating to step 5 in Configuration steps. Copy this URL.
  4. Paste this URL on your browser and this will generate a JSON.
  5. Copy the value of the key dep_enrollment_url. You will have to remove the \ from the value.
  6. This URL obtained from the JSON can be accessed from the devices by converting it into a QR code or shortening the URL.
  7. The enrollment will be completed and the devices will be available on the Apple Configurator page. You can assign the users from this page.