How to increase the speed of the MDM server?


In certain rare cases, the MDM server might be slow to respond or may show signs of lagging. One option is to remove unwanted files pertaining to MDM, to free up space and thus, improve the speed. The other option is to share your .hprof files to the MDM support team for further analysis. On analysing the hprof files, the reason for server slowness can be identified and diagnosed. To share hprof files to the MDM Support team, follow the steps given below:


  • On the machine which is hosting the MDM server, navigate to <Directory>://ManageEngine/MDMServer/bin.
  • Copy all the recent .hprof files (files with the extension .hprof). Compress these .hprof files into a zip file
  • Now, send this zip and the server logs to the MDM support team(