How to remotely enable screen share on iPhone and iPad to troubleshoot issues?

The most commonly raised helpdesk tickets within organizations pertain to issues with app installations, agent crashes, malfunctioning devices, and much more. Troubleshooting devices using conventional methods such as Email, chat, or phone calls is complex, since it consumes a lot of time owing to multiple iterations. Mobile Device Manager Plus (MDM) lets you troubleshoot issues remotely by obtaining a real-time view of the managed device's screen with iOS remote screen sharing. Devices running iOS and iPadOS can instantaneously share their screen to the admin for a swift issue fix. However, the device must be running iOS 11.0 or later versions, or iPadOS 13.0 or later versions to remotely view the shared screen.

Mobile Device Manager Plus facilitates iPadOS/iOS remote screen sharing by leveraging Zoho Assist, which is bundled free with It. A major benefit is that, you need not install any additional apps, besides the ME MDM app to remotely access iOS devices. Click here for steps to silently install the ME MDM app on managed iOS devices without any user intervention. On initiating a remote session from the MDM server, it is mandatory that the user must enable screen recording to initiate remote screen sharing on iPhone.

For complete step-by-step instructions to remotely access iOS devices, check out this video:



Steps to share screen on iOS devices

Follow the steps given below to initiate iOS screen sharing from the MDM server and to screen share from iPhones

Steps to initiate a remote view session on the MDM server:

  • On the MDM server, go to the Inventory tab.
  • Under Devices in the left pane, select the device whose screen is to be viewed.
  • Now, click on the Actions button and select Remote View. Zoho Assist opens the viewing pane in a new pop-up window.

Steps to enable Screen Recording on iOS devices:

Follow the steps given below to enable Screen Recording on iPhones. The steps vary for devices running iOS version below iOS 12 and devices running iOS 12 and above.

For devices running iOS 12 and above, follow these steps to enable screen share on iPhones.

  • When the admin initiates a remote view session, the user will be notified to enable screen recording on the ME MDM app. Click on this notification to begin screen recording which shares the screen to the admin.

For devices below iOS 12, follow these steps to enable iOS screen sharing.

  • On the managed device, open Settings and navigate to Control Centre -> Customize Controls and add the Screen Recording option to it.
  • When notified of a remote view session, slide up to access the control panel and long press (or 3D Touch) the Screen Recording option.
  • Select the ME MDM app to provide permissions to share the screen for the remote view session.

Thereby, the device's screen is shared to the admin for remote troubleshooting.

For managed Android devices, you can remotely control them besides just viewing the shared screen. To learn more about remote troubleshooting, click here.