How to automate enterprise app updates in iOS devices?


Unlike App Store apps which provides the user with the option to update the app as and when a new app is available, updating enterprise apps is an onerous task. MDM lets administrators automate enterprise app updates, ensuring the apps are updated as soon as they are available. The advantage with this method is it requires no additional configurations and policies to be distributed to the managed device, as the app update is done using ME MDM app. ME MDM app uses URL scheme support a specific app.

To update a particular app, the following URL scheme must be added to info.plist file packaged with the enterprise app:

For example, to update MDM app the corresponding URL scheme is memdm://appcatalog/updates?bundle=com.zoho.mdm
If the managed device is running iOS 9.0 or later versions,  LSApplicationQueriesSchemes must be included in the info.plist file.