How to modify user E-mail addresses in MDM Cloud?


There are certain scenarios such as typos in the e-mail address, domain change etc., where the e-mail address of the users must be changed. To avoid typos, you can add the list of users in your organization with MDM Cloud. This can be done by adding a CSV containing the list of users(usually from Active Directory) as explained here. The advantage with adding users this way, is that the user accounts are auto-suggested while sending enrollment invites, making the process easier.

Administrators can change the e-mail addresses as explained below:


Admin enrolled devices:

  • On the MDM Server, navigate to the Enrollment tab. Click on the ellipsis icon under the Actions tab, which is displayed along with the device details and select Change User.
  • Specify the new e-mail address and the corresponding user name. Save the entered details.
User-enrolled devices
  • Login here using your Super Administrator credentials.
  • Click on User details under Control Panel. Select the user whose e-mail is to be modified.
  • Click on Change Login Email IDs and specify the new e-mail address. Click on OK to save the changes.
  • Confirmation mail will be sent to the new e-mail address which must be accepted by the user, to complete e-mail modification process. It takes a maximum of 6 hours for the changes to reflect on the MDM Server
E-mail modification doesn't wipe the device. However, all the account-related policies associated to the existing e-mail address gets associated to the new e-mail address.
In case of bulk modification of user e-mail, contact MDM Cloud support(