How to configure Exchange ActiveSync profile for iOS devices?


The Exchange server is widely used for managing corporate e-mails in organizations. Hosting the Exchange provides a centralized database to back up e-mails and ensures data security. Apart from managing e-mails, the Exchange is used for bringing contacts together, managing calendars, among others. To ensure that the corporate data from Exchange is available on your employees' devices, you can configure the Exchange ActiveSync profile. This lets you pre-configure settings for your managed devices, to automatically sync mail, calendar, notes, and tasks from Exchange with the native e-mail client present on the devices. Further, the mail attachments can be viewed securely using the ME MDM app ´╗┐To configure Exchange ActiveSync profile for iOS devices, follow the steps given below.


To create an Exchange ActiveSync profile,

  1. On the MDM server, click on the Device Mgmt tab and select Profiles from the left pane.
  2. Click on the Create Profile drop-down and select Apple.
  3. Select Exchange ActiveSync and specify the required details as explained here. Save and publish the profile.
  4. Distribute the profile as explained here.

Once the profile is distributed to the device, a notification informing the same is shown to the user. On clicking the notification, the user is prompted to complete the configuration by entering the password of the Exchange account. In case, Oauth has been enabled to ensure secure login, the user has to navigate to Settings-> Accounts & Password-> Exchange and enter the password there. If certificate-based authentication has been enabled, the user will not be prompted to enter the password and can directly access the Exchange data. It is thus recommended to set up a strong password on the device to ensure the access to the device is secure.

As the Exchange contains confidential corporate data, securing access to the server is essential to prevent data loss. The access to Exchange can be protected using the Conditional Exchange Access feature of MDM. A Conditional Exchange Access policy can be configured to ensure that Exchange is accessed only from managed devices and not from unauthorized devices. ´╗┐Before configuring Conditional Exchange Access, it is recommended to configure the Exchange ActiveSync profile.