How to obtain iOS device logs using Apple Configurator?


In certain cases, MDM support technicians might require the logs of the managed devices to troubleshoot issues. You can obtain iOS device logs using Apple Configurator as explained below:


  • On a Mac machine, download and install Apple Configurator, a free program designed by Apple for bulk and efficient deployment of iOS devices.
  • Open the installed application and connect the device whose logs are to be obtained, to the Mac machine via USB.
  • When prompted on the device to trust the Mac machine, click on Trust. It is also to be noted that if connections via USB is restricted through MDM, you can connect the devices only to that Mac machine which was used to enroll the device using Apple Configurator. If not enrolled via Apple Configurator, you cannot conenct it to any Mac machine.
  • Once the device is displayed on the Apple Configurator screen, right click on the device and click on Get Info.
  • Now click on Console from the left menu. You can click on Save to save the device logs. 
  • If you've been instructed to replicate the issue on the device. You can either click on Clear to generate fresh logs which contains logs of the issue which was replicated or you can click on Reload to update the logs after you've replicated the issue. Once done, click on Save.
  • After the logs have been saved, you can mail the same to MDM Support team( or MDM Cloud Support team(