How to remove approved apps from your Play for Work account as well as the App Repository?


Apps added to the App Repository can be deleted only if the apps are disassociated from all the devices/groups to which it has been associated or you can also move the apps to Trash, which automatically does the disassociation. In case you are moving apps to Trash, it is recommended to remove the approved apps from your Play for Work account by following the steps mentioned below:


  • Login to Google Play for Work, using the account used for configuring Android for Work in MDM. You can view the account details by navigating to Admin --> Configure AfW (present under Android for Work Settings).
  • Click on My Managed Apps, present under Apps. This lists all the apps purchased/approved using this account.
  • Now select the app, which is to be removed from the Play for Work account.
  • Click on Unapprove. This removes the app from the Play for Work account.
  • Once the app is removed from the Play for Work account, the app is automatically removed from the App Repository during the daily sync. You can have it removed immediately through manual syncing it which can be done by navigating to Device Mgmt --> App Repository --> Sync Apps and select Sync Play Store Apps.

NOTE: This doesn't remove the previous installations of this app on the managed devices. Once removed, the app is not shown on the Play Store and cannot be downloaded by the users.