How to seamlessly test and update enterprise apps without affecting productivity?


In most organizations, dedicated in-house apps are a part of the workforce, used by employees regularly. In such a scenario, updating such critical enterprise apps becomes a critical task all by itself. Ideally, organizations would want the apps to be properly tested before deploying it in the production environment. MDM lets you test and deploy such critical enterprise apps as explained below:


  • On the MDM server, click on Device Mgmt from the top menu and select Groups and Devices from the left pane.
  • Click on Create Group as explained here and add a minimal number of devices to the group. This group will act as the test bed for this enterprise app update. It is recommended to have a few devices enrolled with MDM not being used in production environment, to act as test devices in case of subsequent policy and/or app updates in the future.
  • Once the group is created, click on App Repository from the left pane. Click on the enterprise app whose latest version is to be tested.
  • Now click on Upload New Version link present below App Version. Upload the latest version of the app which is to be tested. This gets added as beta version in MDM.
  • While adding the new version, you can also modify app-related parameters such as App category, logo etc and then click on Save. The beta version is added and now can be distributed to groups/devices.
  • Once the new version is added, you can distribute this version by clicking on Distribute App.
  • You can now distribute the beta version to the test groups. Once the beta version is installed, you can test the app.
  • After the beta version has been properly tested, you need to mark the beta version as stable. To do this, click on the app name and click on the option Mark as Stable present under App Version
  • Once the version is marked as stable, it automatically gets distributed to the devices which have the older version installed. You can choose to update it silently or distribute it to the App Catalog and let the users update it manually.

NOTE: It is recommened that you view this before deploying beta versions.