How to setup unattended access for Android devices?


There are lots of scenarios in an enterprise whereby Android devices are usually used for self service (unmanned devices) facilities such as mPOS, digital signage etc. If there are any issues in these devices, it might be difficult to troubleshoot them as these are unmanned. However in addition to remote chat and remote security command execution, MDM lets you achieve unattended remote access on Android devices whereby the IT admins can take remote access of devices without any user intervention as explained be


  • Configure Remote Troubleshooting on MDM for Android as explained here.
  • After configuring, click on Device Mgmt and select Remote Troubleshooting from the left pane
  • Now from the list of eligible devices select an Android device and click on the Remote Control present against the device name.
  • When you click on Remote Control, a new window/tab is opened where the IT admin can view/control the device. Also, when the button is clicked a default prompt is shown by Android on the device about the MDM wanting to view and control the device.
  • You need to click on the checkbox with the text Do not show again for the prompt to be never shown again. After clicking the checkbox, click on Accept to start the remote session.
  • As you selected the checkbox, the device will henceforth show no prompt and will direct allow the IT admin to take control of the device, leading to unattended Android device access.