How to migrate from Cisco Legacy AnyConnect to Cisco AnyConnect New?


For making use of Cisco AnyConnect VPN, an app needs to be downloaded on the device. This app will be used to set up the VPN connection. Cisco has two apps, based on the OS version of the devices.

If the device runs iOS 10.3 and above, then the Cisco AnyConnect New app should be downloaded. For devices below iOS 10.3, the Cisco Legacy AnyConnect must be downloaded.


Follow the steps given below to migrate from the legacy to new app-

  1. Add the app to the repository and distribute it to the devices.
  2. If all the devices are to be migrated to the new app, modify the existing profile with the VPN configurations.
  3. If only a few devices are to be migrated, then create a new profile with the required VPN configurations. Remove the existing profile from the devices.
  4. Publish and distribute the profile to the devices.
  5. Also, remove the Cisco Legacy AnyConnect app from the devices which are using the new Cisco AnyConnect app.