How to prevent users from disabling location services in iOS devices?


To locate an iOS device, location services need to be enabled in the device. However, the users can disable location services. To prevent users from disabling location services, follow the steps specified below:


  1. Enroll the device using MDM and install ME MDM app in the device. ME MDM app can be automatically installed in iOS devices as explained here.
  2. Turn on location services for ME MDM app.
  3. In the managed device, go to Settings, click on General and select Restrictions
  4. Click on Enable Restrictions.
  5. Now set a passcode for Restrictions. This passcode is seperate from the device passcode and this passcode is unique only for Restrictions.
  6. Select Location Services, under Privacy. Enable Location Services and select Don't Allow Changes.

Now, Location Services can never be disabled in the managed iOS device.