Android agent not reachable


You are trying to reach a managed mobile device and you get the error message "Agent not reachable".


You might get this error message, if the android agent has been removed from the managed mobile device.


You need to ensure that the agent is installed in the device for continued Android device management, by contacting the end user. If the agent has been removed then you need to send an enrollment request again and re-enroll the device in order to manage it. Follow the steps mentioned below to send enrollment request to the user:

  1. Click MDM tab on the Mobile Device Manager Plus Console.
  2. Under Settings click on Enrollment.
  3. Click Enroll Device and fill in the appropriate information.
  4. Domain Name : Choose the Domain Name from the drop down, if you do not have any domain name, select Default Workgroup.
  5. User Name- Enter the user name of the device that needs to be enrolled.
  6. Email address :It is mandatory to enter the email address of the user who will receive the enrollment request.
  7. Platform: Specify the platform from the drop down menu, as Android.
  8. Owned By : Owner of the device either Corporate or Personal.
  9. Click Enroll to enroll the device.

Enrollment request will be sent to the user and you can start managing the device as soon as the device is enrolled.

Applies to: Profile Management, Device Enrollment

Keywords: Profile Specifications, Device not reachable, Android Agent uninstallation