Azure Active Directory(AD) integration with MDM Cloud

Azure has been gaining a strong foothold in enterprises as the primary means of identity management, with Azure AD usually used to access O365 and many other SaaS(Cloud applications). Integrating Azure AD with MDM, allows admins to easily configure a whole lot of settings using just an Azure account. Right from signing up with MDM using an Azure account to enrolling using just the Azure account instead of requiring a Zoho account, MDM's integration with Azure AD provides a lot of advantages:

Enrollment via Azure AD

As stated previously, you can enroll your device through invites or self-enrollment using your AD account credentials. Additionally, you can use Azure AD credentials as a part of the two-factor authentication. 

Automated user and group sync

With most MDM policies/profiles aimed at AD-level groups, you can now have the AD groups and users automatically synced to MDM. Thus, the need to create custom groups again MDM is not required and you can distribute policies immediately on syncing Azure AD.

Logging in and user suggest

Your technicians no longer require a Zoho account to login to MDM Cloud and even enrollment is simpler as MDM auto-fetches and auto-suggests the users, whose devices are to be enrolled

Seamless usage Windows Business Store

Windows Business Store contains all those apps integral to your corporate workforce. With Azure AD integrated, you can seamlessly use Windows Business Store to install both Store apps and enterprise silently on Windows mobile devices, tablets and desktop/laptops.

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