Entity Relationship Diagram Schema - App Management


This document explains the database schema of the App Management module used by Mobile Device Manager Plus.

Database Details

Database Details such as data type, storage format, and data description is explained in this document.

Supported Databases

  • Postgres SQL
  • MS SQL (2005 and higher versions)

Table Details

  • CustomerInfo : Contains information about all the customers available in MDM.
  • ProfileToCustomerRel : Contains information about all the resources available in MDM.
  • Profile : Contains information about the profiles and the Apps that are created.
  • Collection : Collection used to hold information about version of the profile. Each profile can contain multiple collections of multiple versions.
  • RecentProfileToColln : Contains the most recent collection (recent version) that is created for a profile.
  • ProfileToCollection : Contains all the collections are created for a profile.
  • ConfigData : Configuration of profiles. Each collection holds different configurations in them. This table contains the list of those configurations. Examples of configurations are passcode policy, restriction policy etc.
  • CfgDataToCollection : Maps the configurations to the respective collection. Contains information about the configurations in individual collection.
  • ConfigDataItem : Contains information about ConfigData.
  • InstallAppPolicy : Contains information about the policies for each app. For example: if the app is removed from the device when the device is unmanaged.
  • MdPackage : Package is container that can have multiple apps in them.
  • MDAppGroupDetails : Each app without the version details is added to this table.
  • MdAppDetails : Contains the apps with version app size details.
  • MdPackageToAppGroup : Maps apps available in a package.
  • RecentPackageToApp : Latest version of an app ID available in a package.
  • MdAppGroupCategoryRel : Contains the category details of apps.
  • AppCategory : Contains all the available categories for apps. example: business, education etc.
  • MdLicense : Contains the license details of apps.
  • MdLicenseToAppGroupRel : mapping licenses to apps is available here.
  • MdAppGroupLatestVersion : Latest version of an app can be found from this table.
  • WindowsAppDetails : Contains Windows platform specific app details.
  • AaaUser : Contains the user information who performs app management related activities.