Entity Relationship Diagram Schema - Enrollment


This document explains the database schema of the Enrollment module used by Mobile Device Manager Plus.

Database details

Database Details such as data type, storage format, and data description is explained in this document.

Supported Databases

  • Postgres SQL
  • MS SQL (2005 and higher versions)

Table Details

  • ManagedUser : Contains information about all the end users available in MDM.
  • DeviceEnrollmentRequest : Contains information about all the resources available in MDM.
  • ManagedDeviceStatus : Contains a list of enrollment related statuses like Enrolled, Yet to enroll, etc., in MDM.
  • DeviceEnrollReqToErrCode : Contains the details of device status related error Codes.
  • ErrorCodeToKBUrl : Contains the solution to the device status related error codes.
  • Resource : Contains information about all the resources available in MDM.
  • EnrollmentRequestToDevice : Contains mapping between enrollment request and the device.
  • ManagedDevice : contains details and status of every device managed in MDM.
  • ManagedDeviceExtn : It is the extension of ManagedDevice table and holds additional information about managed devices.
  • AgentContact : Contains the Agent Contact Details.
  • IOSNativeAppStatus : Contains installation status of the iOS agent.
  • MdDeviceInfo : Contains additional device information like serial number, etc.
  • MdModelInfo : Contains model details of managed device.