Entity Relationship Diagram Schema - Remote Troubleshoot


This document explains the database schema of the Remote Troubleshoot module used by Mobile Device Manager Plus.

Database Details

Database Details such as data type, storage format, and data description is explained in this document.

Supported Databases

  • Postgres SQL
  • MS SQL (2005 and higher versions)

Table Details

  • ManagedUser : Contains information about all the users available in MDM.
  • ManagedDevice : Contains list of all the devices managed by MDM.
  • MdDeviceInfo : Contains information of all devices available in MDM.
  • ManagedDeviceExtn : It is the extension of ManagedDevice table and holds additional information about managed devices.
  • CommandHistory : Contains a history of security commands executed on a device through MDM.
  • RemoteSessionCommandHistory : Contains history of remote session commands executed a device through MDM.
  • RemoteSessionReport : Contains a report of remote session of a device through MDM.
  • AgentContact : Contains details for contact between agent in device and MDM server.
  • MDMPrivacySettings : Contains the privacy settings configured on MDM server.
  • MDPrivacyToOwnedBy : Maps the MDMPrivacySettings table to the type of device privacy settings applied.