We recommend users to upgrade to the Secure Gateway build #90105.

If you are upgrading Secure Gateway Server Action to be performed
from build #90102 and below Uninstall the old Secure Gateway Server and reinstall the latest Secure Gateway Server EXE below. Please be aware that this process will not result in any data loss.
from build #90103 and above Upgrade directly using the latest hotfix PPM given below.

How do I find my Build Number?

Customers using Secure Gateway Server build #90042 or above, can upgrade to the latest version #90105 by downloading this hotfix:

Note: This Secure Gateway Server update is applicable only for customers who are using Mobile Device Manager Plus build 10.1.2206.02 and above.

Ensure that your current SGS version is 90103 or above. If it's 90102 or lower, uninstall and reinstall the SGS using the new EXE to upgrade to the latest version.

Download Hotfix
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  Know how to setup Secure Gateway (also known as Forwarding Server) through this demo video


  • Have a back up of the ME Secure Gateway installation directory (Directory\ManageEngine\ME_Secure_Gateway_Server) to avoid any data loss during the upgrade process.
  • If you have installed ME Secure Gateway on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows 8, or Windows 2012, you should login as default administrator before running the Update Manager tool.
  • If the ME Secure Gateway Service is overseen by a third-party tool or a script which restarts the service, ensure you disable it until you upgrade is done
  • Navigate to ManageEngine\ME_Secure_Gateway_Server\bin and open/execute UpdateManager.bat.
  • Click on Browse and select the .ppm file downloaded.
  • Click on Install to install the hotfix. This may take few minutes depending on the amount of data to be migrated.
  • How do I find my build number?

    Navigate to ManageEngine\ME_Secure_Gateway_Server\bin and open/execute about.bat. The build number is shown under the title Secure Gateway.