iOS Feature Comparison Matrix

Mobile device Manager Plus (MDM) offers various features to manage your organization's fleet of iOS devices. Refer the following table to know more about the extensive list of features supported by MDM, and their compatibility based on the device/provisioning type.

Functionality Workspace Management (Unsupervised) Full Device Management (Supervised)
Silent Installation of Store Apps No Yes
Installation of apps without Apple ID Yes Yes
Silent Installation of in-house Apps No Yes
Restricting side-loaded Apps Yes Yes
Automate OS Updates No Yes
Schedule and Automate app updates No Yes
Blocklisting Apps No Yes
Multiple versions of in-house Apps Yes Yes
Enforce passcode policy Yes Yes
Restricting device functionality like airdrop, camera, etc. No Yes
Restricting users from configuring their own VPN connections No Yes
Restricting users from connecting to unsecured Wifi networks No Yes
Restricting users from enabling Activation lock No Yes
Kiosk Mode  No Yes
Setting up device Wallpaper & Asset Tagging No Yes
Configuring Global HTTP Proxy No Yes
Web Content Filtering No Yes
Configuring Access Point Name No Yes
Device details such as model name, manufacturer name, UDID, etc. Required details will be fetched. Required details will be fetched.
Tracking Device Battery Level Yes Yes
Tracking Device Location Yes Yes
Real Time Device Alerts Yes Yes
Announcements Yes Yes
Remote Troubleshooting(Only remote view is possible) Yes Yes
Containerization Yes Yes
Complete Wipe of the device Yes Yes
Corporate Wipe of the device Yes Yes
Remote Lock Yes Yes
Lost Mode No Entire device will be locked.
Restricting users from resetting the device. No Yes
Restrict users from revoking MDM Management. No Yes
Clear/ Reset Passcode Yes Yes