iPhone Icon Enterprises & Mobile Device Management

Enterprises loved the Mobility idea. It helped employees to access information all the time and keep up with today’s business pace. With the deluge of smart phones and tablets hitting the market, almost everyone got a smart phone and tablet. Now, with everyone accessing emails and official data on their mobile devices, it is mandate for enterprises to focus and bring all mobile devices under the radar to control data flow and prevent misuse of official data.

ManageEngine’s Approach: Desktops + Mobile Device Management

Today mobile devices are provided as a supplementary apart from an employee’s desktop and laptops. The onus of managing the mobile devices primarily falls on the Desktop administrator. That’s why ManageEngine is building Mobile Device Management to be a part of ManageEngine Desktop Central.

Mobile Device Management Story: iOS first, Andriod next

We are planning to focus on iOS based mobile devices first. The initial version will support IOS version 4.0 and above

What Management Operations you can Perform?

The first version will support Over-The-Air Device Configuration tasks such as

Asset Information that include,

App Management

For more details, refer to here

What About Android Devices?

We understand that Android device management is critical and will come in later after the initial release.