Vodafone Qatar securely manages over 2,500 POS Devices in retail stores across Qatar using Mobile Device Manager Plus

About the company

Commenced in 2009, Vodafone Qatar has more than 1.7 million mobile customers as of September 30, 2020 and is the second largest telecommunications provider in Qatar. Vodafone Qatar was the first business to connect people to 5G in Qatar and is committed to enhancing the quality of people's lives and developing the digital system and infrastructure that will contribute to Qatar's continued growth and prosperity.

The company's comprehensive range of product offerings include voice, messaging, data, fixed communications, IoT, and ICT managed services in Qatar. Vodafone Qatar's retail stores showcase the latest 5G devices, gaming consoles, and smart home solutions, such as smart locks, door sensors, motion sensors, and smart remotes. For a simplified, fast, and convenient checkout, Vodafone Qatar has installed point-of-sale (POS) devices in its retail stores.


Managing over 2,500 POS devices installed in multiple stores spread across the country and used by the field sales team is arduous, and this is exactly what Syed Ahmad Rasool, senior manager of technology security/HoC at Vodafone Qatar, and his team had to contend with. In order to simplify the management of these remote POS devices and resolve the following mobility challenges, Vodafone Qatar was on a lookout for a comprehensive, robust mobile device management solution to:

  • Enhance the security of the POS devices to safeguard customers' personal information processed through these devices.
  • Adhere to the organization's compliance requirements including ISO 27001.
  • Offer remote support to remote employees in case of device issues to reduce downtime and the number of site visits.
  • Track the real-time location of their corporate devices to ensure the devices were used only within the specified geolocation.


After an exhaustive survey of multiple players in the MDM market, Syed and his team zeroed in on ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus. They were drawn to its customizable, intuitive user interface; local partner assistance; simple onboarding with bulk enrollment for devices in production; and software deployment assistance from the support team.

"Mobile Device Manager Plus stood apart from its competitors in its simplicity of onboarding devices. With a comprehensive training program and the local partner team's assistance, the onboarding was smooth sailing. The support team offered continuous assistance from the get-go and even customized [its] off-the-shelf software to support our company's requirements." -Syed

Using Mobile Device Manager Plus, Syed and his team ensure only enterprise-approved apps are installed on devices, remotely troubleshoot their POS devices in case of device-specific issues, track the location of their corporate devices and, if required, remotely erase and lock misplaced devices. With Mobile Device Manager Plus, they also enforce IT-approved security hardening policies over the air to secure corporate data.

"We have been using Mobile Device Manager Plus for over a year now, and it has assisted us in staying compliant with our organization's security and compliance policies. We are able to safeguard our customer data, track our devices, and implement policies over the air." -Syed