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Active Directory Workflow

The ADManager Plus' "Workflow" feature helps define a standard workflow structure for your organization's tasks. By doing so, it ensures that changes made in a supersensitive environment like Active Directory are supervised by concerned delegates; hence it leaves no room for expensive errors.

"Workflow" lets you design the sequence of flow for an organizational task and define also the composition of workflow agents .It takes care of the intermediate hand offs and hand overs for you. It's repository of requests keep you updated on the status of the tasks at hand.

'Workflow' features:

  • The ability to build a customized workflow structure, with required number of workflow agents appropriate to organization needs.
  • The ability to keep a track of all tasks, for which requests have been raised
  • Holds an exhaustive list of all requests that were completed, these records can be kept for a desired period or as long as your IT compliance Acts require
  • Facilitates the  notification to concerned users anytime during the execution of a task
  • The ability to define a set of rules that help assign a set of workflow agents and priority to a specific task
  • The Workflow can also be implemented in the ADManager Plus ‘Automation’ to retain required level of control over automated tasks.

Customizable workflow

ADManager Plus allows you to define a standard workflow structure for all your organizational tasks.

  • The workflow can involve up to four levels of workflow agents  - requestors, reviewers, approvers and executors
  • The workflow serves as a well-defined road map for all organization tasks
  • The clear structuring of workflow removes any possible role conflicts and other ambiguities of any kind
  • Communications and information are secure as they flow only through intended recipients

Requests repository

ADManager Plus holds an exhaustive list of all open and completed requests. It gives you complete information of a task that was raised for execution which includes - the time at which execution of the task began, requestor of the task, workflow agents assigned to the task and workflow status of the task etc. ADManager Plus also keeps an electronic document of all tasks executed and accesses that occurred, which can help in compliance with Acts like SOX.

Assigning rules

Integrated notification and assigning rules in ADManager Plus Workflow allows setting conditional rules based on which an ADManager Plus technician or priority is assigned to a task. ADManager Plus also allows you to sequence these rules based on which their application to a task will be prioritized. Also, notify the workflow agents on requests that have been raised, reviewed or approved. Basically, it maps the type of action (when request is created, when request is reviewed, when request is approved or when request is executed) to workflow agents for notification reasons. It also allows you to communicate such information to technicians and other concerned people through mails and messages.

Automate crucial tasks

Simple routine tasks such as creating users, deleting or disabling inactive users can be very crucial to an organization's robust functioning. Hence these everyday tasks can be automated using ADManager Plus' "Automation" for operational efficiency. Considering, that some of these tasks are crucial it might become necessary to retain a certain level of control over the Automation, this can easily be done by implementing the business Workflow in automation. Doing this will propel the automated task through the supervision of business Workflow agents.

Workflow Highlights

  • A linear workflow that helps to assign and prioritize tasks
  • The workflow cannot be bypassed and hence assures high security and transparency
  • An on-line task-status tracking system
  • Serves as a catalogue of organization roles and tasks
  • Maintains records of tasks and Active Directory data for retrieval at any time
  • Can be implemented to supervise automated tasks

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Build customizable workflows to manage AD tasks as tickets.

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