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ADManager Plus for HRs

ADManager Plus for HR teams

ADManager Plus for HRs

Yes, HRs can be IT admins too!!

For all the HRs who have to depend on their AD or IT team for every one of these tasks every single time and for the AD administrators who rack their brains to figure out a way to make the HRs accomplish all the HR related AD tasks, ADManager Plus's 'Task based' and 'OU based' delegation offers the easy way out! It's a win-win for both the HRs and the AD Technicians.

Complex User Creation Process Using Native AD Tools

With ADManager Plus's task based delegation, AD Administrators can delegate all the HR related tasks like User Account Creation, User Account Modification, etc. to the HR team, in a safe and secure manner and turn even the technically naive HRs to AD admins, without even the HRs knowing any technical details about those tasks. This is totally unimaginable when using traditional options like native AD tools, PowerShell, etc. Utilize the free download of this tool's trial version to try out all the options in the delegation module.

And the HRs can rest easy too as they do not have to depend on the IT team to accomplish all the HR related AD tasks, and with the bulk user creation ,  bulk user modification/updation features, can now complete all their processes, themselves, much easier and faster.

Benefits of Active Directory Delegation

Increased Efficiency - since the HRs create, modify or update the user accounts themselves, the chances for errors in entering user information, loss of information in communication or transfer of information between the HR and Technical teams is far lesser.

Faster Completion of Tasks - as the HRs can create, modify or update user accounts themselves, and do not have to wait for the IT team to complete their tasks, which reduces the process time to a great extent.

Better control and simplified user creation process - With 'User Creation Templates' admins can simplify the complex process of user creation and enable the HRs to perform even complex tasks like Exchange Mailbox provisioning as well and yet retain complete control over the process and Active Directory as they can control the tasks that HRs perform and also way they perform those tasks, using the 'Role based' and 'OU based' delegation.

Better enforcement of organizational policies - since the HRs are completely aware of all the organizational policies, when they are the ones who perform user management related tasks, they can create users accounts or enter all the information as per the organizational policies, which transforms into better enforcement of policies.

Accomplish more with fewer employees - as HRs double up as AD technicians, the number of technicians required to complete all the AD related tasks is reduced when you delegat all AD user related tasks to HRs. And over a period of time, the savings in terms of cost and time is simply too significant to be ignored.

Using ADManager Plus's Active Directory Helpdesk Delegation feature, HRs can now perform all the HR related AD tasks, themselves, with absolute ease and efficiency!

With complete web-based access, single console management, delegation   reporting of both Active Directory and Exchange environments, ADManager Plus makes management and reporting on Active Directory and Exchange, the simplest and easiest ever, for even the technically naive.

Know More on Active Directory Management, Active Directory Reporting, Exchange Management and Exchange Reporting using ADManager Plus!

Delegate Active Directory user management user capabilities to your HR team.

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