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HelpDesk Delegation

Non-Invasive HelpDesk Delegation Model

ADManager Plus presents a unique delegation model that is both easy-to-use and secure at the same time. With its helpdesk management and delegation functionalities, the administrator can authorize non-administrative users like helpdesk technicians, human resources personnel, and frontline officials to perform certain tasks that do not necessitate an administrator's action. This greatly reduces the work load on the administrator, and also saves on a considerable amount of time and resources. In short, ADManager Plus is every administrator's Swiss Army knife when it comes to delegation tasks.

It may so seem that the helpdesk technician and the human resources are given rights, compromising on the security of the Active Directory. Worry not! ADManager Plus takes care that the administrator does not let go of the reins of the Active Directory, irrespective of the rights delegated to the non-administrative users. Not only that, but also, ADManager Plus assures that the helpdesk officials, like puppets, can perform only those tasks that are delegated to them by the administrators and that too without resorting to complicated options like PowerShell scripts. It makes sure that the ultimate controls over the Active Directory, at all levels, vest only with the administrator. However, what sets ADManager Plus apart from other Active Directory management tools is its ability to delegate rights to helpdesk technicians in a non-invasive manner - a feature that's been catching the eyes of many an administrator.

ADManager Plus Delegation Model:

This non-invasive model of delegation forms an impenetrable moat around the Active Directory - a concept perfected by ADManager Plus to ensure top-class security of the Active Directory. This model takes care not to elevate the rights of the technician in the Active Directory but bridles a helpdesk technician with roles to perform. This also means that ADManager Plus bypasses the Active Directory in effecting the changes made by the technicians.

The salient aspects of ADManager Plus are:
  • The technician role is defined not in the Active Directory itself but only in the software...and what is born in the software stays in the software.
  • The technician is not given any privilege in the Active Directory; the technician can effect the changes in the Active Directory through the software 'in the name of' the administrator.
  • The software allows the creation of helpdesk technician role only from the list of users already created in the Active Directory. This aspect enhances the security of the Active Directory by disallowing a direct creation of a helpdesk technician-user using the software.
  • The technician will not be able to perform any tasks other than the ones delegated to him as defined in the template. In fact, the other tabs will not even be visible when the technician logs in.

All these features assure that the actual Active Directory remains untouched, thereby ensuring the security.

Group Based Delegation: Besides delegating help desk roles to individual AD users, you can delegate them to AD groups as well. Delegating a role to an AD group would result in all the group members having permissions to perform the tasks defined in that role.

Audit the Helpdesk's Actions:

With vital rights delegated to the helpdesk and human resources department, it is important to maintain an accurate record of the activities of each delegated role - a requirement adequately filled by a feature called Technician Audit Logs. The Technician Audit Logs provides an administrator with analytical data about the changes effected by technicians to whom the authority has been delegated. Using this, the administrator can track the Active Directory objects and users created, deleted or modified, and the technician who performed the action. Explore these audit reports in detail using the free download of this tool's trial version which provides unrestricted access to all its management and reporting features.

Delegate Active Directory management capabilities to your help desk securely.

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