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Office 365

Office 365 license management

As an Office 365 administrator, managing your users' Office 365 licenses—assigning appropriate Office 365 licenses for new employees, freeing up Office 365 licenses when employees leave the organization, and reassigning the freed up licenses to other users—constitutes an important part of your day-to-day activities. Office 365 license management is critical to ensure the optimum number of licenses are available in the organization and that you aren't shelling out money to buy more licenses than you actually need.

Manage licenses easily with ADManager Plus

ADManager Plus is a web-based tool that lets you manage your users' Office 365 licenses easily without writing PowerShell scripts, as you can see in Figure 1. You can manage these licenses individually or in bulk with just a few clicks.

  • Add Office 365 licenses: Assign new Office 365 licenses for individual or multiple users by selecting the desired licenses among all the configured license plans.
  • Replace Office 365 licenses: Change your users' Office 365 licenses in a single click by simply selecting the license that should replace their previous licenses.
  • Remove Office 365 licenses: Remove specific or all Office 365 licenses assigned to users in one swift action. You can also automatically remove the Office 365 licenses assigned to users, at the desired time.
  • Group-based license modification: Identify users who belong to a specific group and modify their licenses in bulk.

How to assign or revoke Office 365 licenses of users using ADManager Plus.

  • Login to ADManager Plus and click the Office 365 tab.
  • Click the Management option in the left panel, and click on License Management.
  • Click the Assign / Remove Licenses option.
  • Select from any of the following options based on your requirements:
    • Add licenses
    • Replace licenses
    • Remove selected licenses
    • Remove all licenses

    NOTE: Select the type of license for operations such as Add licenses, Replace licenses, and Remove selected licenses.

  • Specify the location of the user.
  • Select the desired Office 365 tenant account. You can also add OU-based filters.
  • Find the users on which you wish to perform the required operation either by typing in their names in the quick search section or by importing their details via a CSV file.
  • Select the required users and click Apply.
  • Click here for more details.

How to perform group-based license modification using ADManager Plus.

  • Login to ADManager Plus and click the Office 365 tab.
  • Click the Management option in the left panel, and click on License Management.
  • Click the Group-based License Modification option.
  • Select from any one of the following operations:
    • Assign selected licenses
    • Remove selected licenses
    • Modify selected licenses
    • Remove all licenses
    • Replace all licenses
  • Select the type of license.
  • Choose the Usage location.
  • Select the groups to filter the users whose licenses must be modified based on their group memberships.
  • Select the desired Office 365 tenant account.
  • Enter the names of the user and click Find.
  • ClickApply.
  • Click here for more details.

Specify users with CSV import and search options

  • Select the desired users from the list displayed or use the search option to easily locate particular users by typing in their display name(s), user principal name(s), or location.
  • Use the CSV import option for a CSV file containing the desired users' object IDs or user principal names.

About ADManager Plus

Besides managing Office 365 licenses, ADManager Plus also lets you create users in Office 365. It offers the capabilities to create Office 365 accounts for existing Active Directory (AD) users or create users across AD and Office 365 simultaneously. It also offers predefined reporting that allows you to readily access important information about your Office 365 environment.

ADManager Plus is an all-encompassing solution that manages AD, Office 365, Exchange Server, G Suite, and Lync/Skype for Business. Get a free 30-day download now to explore all of its features first hand!

Assign or remove Office 365 licenses for multiple accounts in one go with ADManager Plus.

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