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AWS Monitoring

Organizations are increasingly moving their IT to the cloud and AWS remains the most sought after service with its diverse line of products offered in IaaS, PaaS, DaaS,etc. Majority of businesses work with an amalgam of various products offered by Amazon Cloud which generates a greater need for monitoring AWS with an AWS monitoring software to ensure security, high performance and proper resource allocation. Optimal AWS Cloud monitoring solutions should help track some of the important AWS Cloud performance metrics need constant monitoring like availability and CPU utilization.

Applications Manager's AWS performance monitoring software collects all the performance data in the form of logs, metrics, and events, and provides you with a unified view of AWS resources and applications and services that run on AWS. With the help of AWS monitoring tools, administrators will be able to perform easy Amazon web services monitoring for multiple AWS instances; track a wide variety of helpful AWS Cloud performance metrics, including CPU usage, latency, network traffic, storage space, memory and other custom performance counters for optimal application performance at any scale.

AWS Monitoring - ManageEngine Application Manager

Analyze root cause of cloud application performance issues.

Applications Manager's AWS monitoring tool provides the means to identify the source of various performance bottlenecks with Root Cause Analysis. Detect and resolve the performance issues before it affects the end-users. Applications Manager's AWS monitor enables you to identify the erroneous zones and prevent bottlenecks by setting thresholds for various key performance metrics and get alerted when they are violated. Associate alerts with notification actions to get trigger SMS or Email notifications or configure automated actions wherever needed. Configure dynamic baselines identify gradual performance degradation and ensure your application always run at peak performance devoid of anomalies. With AWS Cloud Monitoring, identify resolve application problems before it impacts your end-users.

AWS cloud Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
AWS Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Application Manager

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All-in-one AWS monitoring solutions like Applications Manager provides monitoring with real time granular data for the following AWS services:

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AWS cloud monitoring tools offered by Applications Manager:

Amazon EC2 Monitoring

Despite the resilience and elasticity of Amazon EC2, there are metrics that need to be closely tracked in terms of capacity, predictability, and interdependence with other applications. Applications Manager's AWS cloud monitoring feature helps administrators monitor and track a variety of performance metrics like disk I/O, memory and disk utilizations, latency details of various operations, volume I/O, network traffic, etc. of multiple instances with ease.
Learn more about Amazon EC2 monitoring.

Amazon RDS Monitoring:

Ensure smooth performance for all Amazon RDS products by monitoring database connections, network traffic and latency, CPU utilization and Disk I/O stats using AWS cloud monitoring.
Learn more about Amazon RDS monitoring.

Amazon S3 Monitoring:

Amazon S3 is an extremely versatile storage service which can store objects up to 5 TB in size. Using Applications Manager's AWS S3 monitoring, get insights into the storage status of S3 buckets and optimize the cloud resource utilization. With Applications Manager, monitor AWS metrics, diagnose the root cause of performance issues and trail them back to their origin. Set thresholds and trigger alarms when they are violated or set up automated actions against any breach of threshold to resolve issues before it affects the end user. With Applications Manager's thorough reporting facility, you will not only be able to perform thorough AWS S3 monitoring, but also compare the reports of multiple S3 buckets based on attributes such as bucket size, virtual folders and number of objects.

AWS Monitoring Services - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Amazon SNS Monitoring:

Amazon SNS is a fully managed publisher-subscriber notification service which provides a low-cost infrastructure designed to deliver messages to large number of subscribers, particularly mobile users. Applications Manager's AWS monitoring helps the publishers achieve high delivery rates of notifications by thoroughly monitoring every one of your SNS topics. With AWS SNS monitoring software, monitor AWS metrics such as notification delivery and failure rates, SMS deliveries, messages throughput - sent and failed counts, subscription count, etc and get alerted when there is a performance issue. Applictions Manager AWS SNS monitoring software also provides you with region-wise metrics and topic-wise metrics which helps in narrowing down the target audience.

AWS Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Amazon DynamoDB monitoring:

Track key metrics such as requests and throttles, errors and global secondary indexes and provision your DynamoDB instance correctly. Ensure the smooth functioning of your DynamoDB database with Applications Manager's AWS monitoring which gathers data on latency, throttling errors and request throughput and enables you to monitor them efficiently with drill down into performance problems.
Learn more about Amazon DynamoDB monitoring.

Amazon Aurora Monitoring:

Amazon Aurora is a part of Amazon RDS services that is compatible with both MySQL and PostgreSQL databases which aims at lower latency compared to the traditional databases. Applications Manager's AWS application monitoring tool offers a holistic view of all the performance metrics of Aurora DB such as Disk I/O, Network and latency stats, replication details, cache hit ratio and transaction log details to help the users maintain low latency and constant availability.
Learn more about Amazon Aurora monitoring.


Amazon Billing:

Monitor the usage of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) and estimate their costs with ease. Applications Manager's Amazon Web Services monitoring tool fetches the financial stats from Amazon Cloudwatch and aggregates the data to present it in a comprehensive dashboard that is easily understandable.
Learn more about Amazon Billing.


Amazon Elastic Load Balancing:

Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) is a load-balancing service from Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS ELB automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple targets, such as EC2 instances, and scales resources to meet traffic demands. ELB supports three types of load balancers: Application Load Balancers, Network Load Balancers, and Classic Load Balancers.  Applications Manager's AWS monitoring feature gives you the ability toc monitor your Application and Network Load Balancers, analyze traffic patterns and troubleshoot issues with your load balancers and targets for optimized performance.

Learn more about AWS ELB monitoring.


With Amazon Web Services (AWS) Monitoring offered by Applications Manager, gain system-wide visibility into resource utilization, application performance, and operational health of your AWS infrastructure and guarantee seamless cloud application performance.

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