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Amazon Dynamodb Monitoring

DynamoDB Monitoring

Amazon DynamoDB, a part of the Amazon Web Services portfolio, is a non-relational database that delivers reliable performance at any scale. It's a fully managed, proprietary NoSQL database service that supports key-value and document data structures, offers built-in security, backup and restore, and in-memory caching.

With Applications Manager's AWS monitoring tool, you can auto-discover your DynamoDB tables, gather data for performance metrics like latency, request throughput and throttling errors. With our DynamoDB monitoring feature, optimize resource usage and improve application performance of your Amazon DynamoDB database.

Gain insight into database performance

Identify database actions with higher latency. With our DynamoDB monitoring tool, track request latency to know the time it takes for a database operation to get processed. Get successful request latency reports for various read/write operations like GET, PUT, Scan, etc from a DynamoDB service side perspective. Examine the behavior and DynamoDB performance of a global table with key usage stats like the count of returned records and bytes from GetRecords operations (Amazon DynamoDB Streams) during specified periods.

Amazon DynamoDB Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
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Plan capacity and resource consumption

Applications Manager's AWS DynamoDB monitoring system enables you to ensure performance analysis at the table level based on user needs, by making informed decisions about setting up provisioned throughput capacity. With the aid of DynamoDB metrics such as reserved capacity, gauge how you can scale up or down your throughput settings. Monitor the consumed read/write capacity units to prevent throttling errors to and be up-to-date on request rates, application throughput pattern and table activity.

DynamoDB Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Troubleshoot request throttling

If your application exceeds your provisioned throughput settings, it is subject to request throttling. You can manage your reserve capacity accordingly so the provisioned throughput does not get exhausted. This way, you can handle sudden increases in traffic without returning throttling errors. With Applications Manager's AWS DynamoDB monitoring tool, you can set up thresholds and get notified when throttled events are generated. Associate throttled requests with throttle events to identify the event throttling the request.

AWS DynamoDB Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Handle errors and exceptions

Applications Manager's Amazon DynamoDB monitoring enables you to identify performance anomalies by providing a break-down of:

  • System Errors - The requests that resulted in a HTTP 500 (server error) code. This could be due to an unknown exception or internal server error.
  • User Errors - The requests that resulted in a HTTP 400 (client error) code, such as a request with an authentication failure. This could be due to missing parameters or the provisioned throughput exception
  • Conditional Checks Failed Requests - The number of conditional write attempts to a table that failed. An increase in failed requests will indicate an issue in the request sent.
For any specified period, monitor the number of items returned by database scan and query operations to judge whether operations have an impact on the provisioned read capacity units.
Monitor AWS DynamoDB - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Detect real-time performance issues and fix them faster

Get a jumpstart on monitoring the Amazon DynamoDB database in your environment. Applications Manager's DynamoDB monitor instantly notifies you of performance issues and bottlenecks and enables you to take quick remedial action before your end-users experience issues.

With Applications Manager's DynamoDB monitoring tool, you gain system-wide visibility into resource utilization, application performance, and operational health of your AWS infrastructure and application performance. Start monitoring your AWS environment with Applications Manager’s full-fledged, 30-day free trial edition.

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