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AWS SQS Monitoring

Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) offers a secure, durable, and available hosted queue that lets its users integrate and decouple distributed software systems and components. Commonly encountered problems in queue services are jammed and slow queues. In the case of jammed queues, when the queue worker stops doing its job, the queue will continue to grow until it is noticed, which can incur losses to businesses that rely on them. Although slow queues aren't as serious as jammed queues, it's a vexing problem that may result in bad customer experience.

By monitoring various parameters in AWS SQS, such occurrences can be reduced. Applications Manager's AWS monitoring tool offers Amazon SQS monitoring capabilities which enables you to keep a keen eye on the important KPIs. Identify and resolve issues before they impact your business by automatically discovering the root cause of issues. Applications Manager constantly looks for abnormalities and limits in the metrics which helps spot issues with your SQS queues; you can also reduce manual intervention by enabling corrective actions to be performed automatically.

Gain insights into important AWS SQS performance metrics.

It's important to ensure that the messages in the queues do not exceed the standard value to maintain the optimal performance. For example, in a standard SQS queue, there is a limit of 120,000 inflight messages, and and 20,000 is the limit for FIFO queues. With Applications Manager's AWS SQS monitoring, you can monitor the KPIs real time and aggregate them over a period of time for historical analysis. Our intelligent reports also enable you to anticipate future needs with the help of machine learning techniques.

Keep track of messages.

These stats are useful for determining the health of the SQS queues. While tracking the number of visible messages reveals jammed queues, the age of the oldest message in a queue lets you know if it has been processing for a long time. If this metric goes up, it means the messages are not being processed quickly enough. Applications Manager's Amazon SQS monitor also provides additional stats on messages delayed, deleted, sent, received, inflight, and size of the messages in the queue. This helps in making educated decisions regarding the optimization of problematic queues, ensuring your producer doesn't start sending more messages, managing SQL dead letters effectively, staying under the SQL maximum message size, and avoiding inflight messages going beyond the upper limit.

AWS SQS Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor configuration details.

Applications Manager's AWS SQS monitoring tool displays details about the queue, be it a FIFO queue or a standard queue. Configuration setting data like Received Message Wait Time, Maximum Message Size, Message Retention Period, Visibility Timeout, and more are available at your disposal. You can also monitor the number of delayed messages and the delay time period in standard queues.

Amazon SQS Server Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager


AWS SQS monitoring is a part of Applications Manager's AWS monitoring services. To explore Applications Manager on your own, download our 30-day free trial or schedule a personalized demo for a guided tour.

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