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AWS Appliction Performance Monitoring

AWS performance monitoring

Monitoring the performance of cloud deployments is intrinsic to proper functioning of your IT environment. AWS cloud is a well architected framework, but you can enhance the capabilities of your services with dedicated AWS performance monitoring tools. Applications Manager helps you monitor the applications built on the ever-dynamic cloud services offered by Amazon.

Monitor AWS Performance Metrics.

Applications Manager's AWS monitoring tool provides extensive stats about various parameters within which the AWS services work, enabling you to keep a keen eye on all the key metrics. These metrics describe the behavior of the AWS services so it's easy to understand the state of underlying operations just by monitoring them.

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Key metrics for AWS Performance Monitoring.

Resource Utilization:

In any IT infrastructure component, the most important metrics to look out for are those pertaining to resource utilization. CPU Utilization measures the percentage of allocated compute units currently being used by an AWS instance. Tracking resource usage using AWS performance monitoring will help you find out if your instances are over or underutilized.

AWS Performance Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Disk I/O:

In compute services such as the EC2 offered by Amazon, disk operations are crucial to its sustained performance. With Applications Manager's AWS performance monitor, you can easily oversee the disk input and output operations and manage them, to keep it regulated. Metrics like throughput, bytes read and written, and network traffic is available at your disposal.

Storage metrics are important when your services are associated with cloud storage solutions like Amazon EBS. Our AWS application performance monitoring solution offers insights on metrics related to block volume like Volume IO, throughput, read and write bytes.

Monitoring AWS Performance - ManageEngine Applications Manager
AWS Performance Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Network Stats:

Network stats consist of network throughput, read and write bandwidth, and traffic. Possible issues in network such as drops or fluctuations can be connected to other application-level metrics. It is imperative to monitor these metrics, as a sudden surge in traffic could cause serious repercussions to your applications unless the load is distributed using a load balancer. Network load balancer metrics like connections and data processed by TLS and TCP are also provided in our AWS performance monitoring tool.

 AWS Cloud Performance Metrics - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Load balancing metrics:

Whenever the load on the server gets high, it is distributed across multiple targets such as EC2 instances with the help of Amazon ELB, which scales resources to meet traffic demands. Applications Manager's AWS performance monitoring software provides exhaustive details on requests, connections, hosts, and errors. Monitoring these metrics can help you avoid service disruptions and improve the uptime and performance of your applications.

AWS Performance Management - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Database metrics:

To ensure smooth running of services which are dependent on Amazon RDS,—a relational database service—metrics such as deadlocks, database transactions, query stats, read & write latency, and throughput need to be monitored. Keeping an eye on the query stats aids you identify poor performing queries which consume more time and optimize them.

Amazon AWS Performance Metrics - ManageEngine Applications Manager
AWS Application Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager


Latency is particularly important to monitor for applications that require high IOPS. Usually performance issues with latency are related to volume activity, and hence optimizing the volume blocks helps resolve high latency. Applications Manager's AWS performance monitoring solution helps you monitor the response times of various operations and reduce the MTTR by accurately pinpointing the source of the bottleneck.

AWS Performance Monitoring Dashboard - ManageEngine Applications Manager


It's necessary to monitor all of the AWS services that are being used to keep your applications running at peak performance. Applications Manager's AWS performance monitoring supports popular services like:


Applications Manager is as an effective application performance monitoring tool that supports a wide range of other cloud and on-premise applications. You can download a 30-day free trial and start monitoring in a few minutes!

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