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AWS Lambda Monitoring

AWS Lambda is an event-based serverless computing platform, with built-in auto scaling and infrastructure management capabilities. Despite many advantages that Amazon Lambda offers, a monitoring system is required to manage its complex environments, scalable workloads and resources, and to help reduce the MTTR and possibly prevent avoidable issues. Applications Manager's AWS Lambda monitor is an intelligent monitoring tool that comes with a solid fault management system and intuitive analytical reports.

Applications Manager enables you to monitor key data about each individual function. You can identify and resolve performance issues before they impact your business by automatically extrapolating the root cause. Applications Manager constantly looks for abnormalities in the metrics which help spot issues with your Lambda applications; by configuring limits of admissible behavior, any deviation from ideal performance can be identified and rectified. You can also reduce manual intervention by enabling corrective actions to be performed automatically.

Ensure your Lambda functions perform well.

Applications Manager gives you rich, actionable insights into your Lambda environment. It helps you proactively monitor the KPIs that are vital to your applications by fetching the stats real time and aggregating them for historical analysis; and also employs machine learning techniques to forecast growth and usage.

Keep track of invocations.

Applications Manager collects invocation stats from Amazon CloudWatch and provides you with processed information like invocations/min, success and error rates. You can also keep track of failed, throttled, and successful invocations. Monitoring invocations will help you keep track of application activity and how your functions are performing. A drop in invocations could indicate a problem with the function or a connected AWS service.

AWS Lambda Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Keep an eye on concurrent events.

Monitoring concurrent functions is important because, if the concurrent execution limit or the reserved concurrency limit configured on the function is exceeded, AWS Lambda throttles additional invocation requests. Monitoring concurrency helps you manage over-provisioned functions and scale your functions to support the flow of application traffic. You can view details about concurrent executions like provisioned concurrency stats, concurrent executions and invocations.

Amazon Lambda function Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Prevent errors and failures.

In asynchronous invocations, it's usual to encounter destination delivery failures and dead letter queues. Both these errors occur due to incorrect permissions, inappropriate configuration of resources, or size limits, for the most part. You can pre-empt these errors by monitoring them keenly.

Applications Manager also provides information on the time taken by each event and iteration age for stream-based invocations. Get notified when the value of the iterator age metric increases and take steps to decrease the time taken by the function to process records in a batch of data.

Amazon Lambda function Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

By monitoring the duration metric, you can perceive the speed at which the events are executed with dimensions like average, minimum and maximum time taken to execute the function. Monitoring duration will also help you manage AWS costs better, especially if you're managing large volumes of requests across hundreds of functions.

Amazon Lambda function Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

All your configuration details in one place.

Applications Manager's AWS Lambda monitoring dashboard displays information about your Lambda configurations in a single tab for easy reference. Data like resource stats, security and network information, function details and other configuration details are available at your disposal.

AWS Lambda monitoring is a part of Applications Manager's AWS monitoring solution that also includes AWS ECS monitoring. To explore Applications Manager on your own, download our 30-day free trial or schedule a personalized demo for a guided tour.

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