Achieve Application Aware Network Performance Monitoring using the APM plug-in - Try our 25-monitor APM plug-in license for 60 days, absolutely free!

Using the APM plugin for OpManager, you can see your applications, servers and connected network devices, from one single console! So you can narrow down where the root-cause of the fault is - the network infrastructure, or the application itself?

Other Benefits :

  • Support for over 80+ servers and applications across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Monitor over 100 key performance metrics of all your applications.
  • Get visibility into an application code or SQL query to easily identify transaction bottlenecks and performance hiccups.
  • Measure the end-user experience of business-critical network services from branch offices and customer locations.
  • Receive proactive alerts via e-mail or SMS. Perform root cause analysis, detect and isolate issues for faster troubleshooting.
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