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Application Monitoring

Ensure optimal performance of your business applications with Applications Manager

In a fast-paced business climate, organizations often rely on application monitoring tools to automatically alert them of potential performance degradation so that necessary corrective steps can be taken ahead of time. Utilizing real-time data, performance statistics, and prediction projections, Applications Manager strives to provide complete visibility into the application infrastructure and guarantee continuous availability. It has helped countless DevOps teams ease their IT workload by providing complete visibility into their application infrastructure and lending a hand in fault management.

With our Application monitoring software, you can:

Maintain constant uptime

Improve application user experience

Prevent application outages

Map applications to dependent components

Gain visibility into application infrastructure

Reduce costs

Application monitoring capabilities - Applications Manager:

Track, analyze, and troubleshoot application performance

Applications Manager helps Dev and Ops teams understand the behavior of their applications and how they perform from a back-end perspective. With comprehensive visual aids like graphs and charts, the application monitoring dashboard aims to educate users on the status of their application at a glance and provide data required to ensure constant uptime. Applications Manager displays metrics such as Apdex Score (user satisfaction level), response time, throughput, request count, error percentage, and number of exceptions for applications being monitored.

Application monitoring platform - ManageEngine Applications Manager
application monitoring metrics - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Web application monitoring with ManageEngine Applications Manager

The tool performs application performance monitoring by tracking background transactions, database operations, app parameters, and thread profiles. The application monitor comes in handy as it lists out multiple transactions which can be filtered based on response rate, error rate, request count, and Apdex score. By carefully monitoring these elements, one can easily identify culprits that are performing poorly and use the tool to drill down further for code-level insights.

Our application monitoring tool supports an array of functionalities like custom instrumentation, auto-scale handling, distributed tracing, thread profiling, and automated service maps that developers can implement as part of their application management strategy.

Map application dependencies

Using visual maps to establish the connection between applications and their components is crucial when it comes to application monitoring. As the number of interdependencies can be quite high in a large IT environment, having a feature such as application dependency mapping makes it easier to visually identify the exact point of weakness.

Monitor applications and dependencies - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Business application monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Applications Manager uses application discovery and dependency mapping (ADDM) to help paint a picture of how different resources are connected in an application infrastructure. It automatically detects applications running on different servers and network devices, plots the relation between them, and presents a holistic view of your entire network in the form of a map. New applications and resources that are found will be automatically added to the maps based on the discovery schedule provided by users.

Applications Manager offers three different map views:

  • Dependency map: A view that establishes the relationship between all the servers and their applications.
  • Business Service map: A view that establishes the relationship between different monitor groups, the interdependent resources and applications.

Dive deep into your application stack

Applications that are essential to business operations are typically backed by an ecosystem of resources; if one fails, the entire structure crumbles. It may be time-consuming and expensive, but keeping track of the entire application stack is necessary. Not only does Applications Manager have the right tools to keep track of all your application components, but it also facilitates integration with other IT operations management tools within a single console.

Different monitoring features offered by Applications Manager:

Applications Manager is the right solution to satisfy the monitoring needs of small, medium, and large business organizations alike with support for over 150 business applications. With intelligent reports, alarms, and tracking functionalities, our application monitoring solution leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing visibility into one's application stack.

Improve application user experience

Understanding how users perceive your application can be quite tricky as there are various real-world factors that can affect their experience. By having a clear knowledge of your application's front-end performance, one can aim to provide their application users a smooth and fast digital journey. Application monitoring solutions like Applications Manager capture data that is user-centric and arms you with information that can be used to improve the overall customer experience of your web application.

Application monitor software - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Application monitors - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Types of application monitoring with Applications Manager

Applications Manager has a real user monitoring function that captures the user's satisfaction level (Apdex Score), view count, errors count, and the page load speed (response time) metrics. Serving as a tool for real-time application monitoring, it helps you discover how your application performs across different countries, browsers, device types, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Additionally, developers can track user activity through their web application to pick out slow transactions, bulky resources and potential errors that may occur.

real user application monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Application monitoring best practices - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Full stack application monitoring with ManageEngine Applications Manager

Our synthetic monitoring feature provides an opportunity to comprehend how your web application behaves across different locations. By recording every step that a user takes while interacting with your web app, the monitor gives the health, availability, and loading time for each page. It also provides a visual dissection of page resources and total loading time that can be used for performance analysis and to rectify slow performance.

Applications Manager is an application monitoring software that has an artillery of features to empower developers with information by helping them understand the challenges their application end-users face and come up with solutions to improve customer experience.

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From tracking application user experience to analyzing application code level issues, have all the essential application monitoring features in your finger tips with Applications Manager. Applications Manager can be set up in just a few simple steps. Try a 30-day FREE trial now!

Summary of application monitoring:

What is application monitoring?

Application monitoring is an essential feature that enables real-time analysis of both front-end and back-end performance of critical business applications. Application monitoring plays a crucial role in ensuring uninterrupted functioning of an application by providing valuable insights into it's availability, performance and end-user experience. Proactively monitoring applications helps in swiftly identifying and resolving any potential issues, reducing downtime, and ultimately enhancing overall user satisfaction.

Why is monitoring your application important?

End-users are bound to get frustrated when experiencing a slow responding business application that could prompt them to go looking for alternatives. Using application monitoring, one can gain insight into the health of the application ecosystem and get notified of potential anomalies to prevent application outages. A good tool will feature a visual dashboard that presents data to help understand how the application is performing and pinpoint areas that need improvement. Without an application monitoring service, it would be almost impossible to identify and prevent performance problems, like finding a needle in a haystack.

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