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Web Application Performance Monitoring

Web Application Monitoring

Applications Manager offers a myriad of choices to monitor different types of web applications based on your business requirements. Gain visibility into all your critical business applications and identify and troubleshoot issues before end users are affected.

Ensure optimal performance of critical user paths in your web applications with Real Browser Monitoring

Applications Manager's Real Browser Monitor(RBM) simulates business-critical multi-step user paths in your web applications. It helps you track and monitor the user actions from numerous locations and notifies you of increasing response times and errors instantly!

Test the performance of web applications in multiple locations

Leverage Applications Manager's RBM capabilities to monitor end user experience of critical workflows in your web applications from multiple branch offices spread across different locations. At each step, identify slow loading components with the help of a waterfall chart and monitor Page Loading Time. You can also track pivotal performance metrics of your web applications such as Page Rendering Time, Download Time, Block Time, etc.

Dynamic Web Transaction Recorder

Use Applications Manager's in-house web transaction recorder to record the steps of critical workflows in your web applications. You can download the recorder as a stand-alone tool or you can just add the recorder browser extension. Create automatic selenium-based scripts for playback within minutes.

Playback in different browsers

Unlike most web application monitoring tools in the market, Applications Manager's RBM allows you to perform playback of recorded workflows in different browsers - Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

Perform test playbacks of web transaction recordings to simulate user interactions in your web applications and analyze critical performance metrics. You can even study the screenshots of all the steps in the transactions to pinpoint and identify errors instantly!

Web Application Monitoring with APM Insight

With Applications Manager's APM Insight web application monitoring tool tracks application performance insights of different types of web applications including Java, .Net, .Net Core, NodeJS, Ruby in Rails and PHP. APM Insight will help you to:

  • Gain visibility into operations that occur inside the application. (Web transactions and database operations).
  • Trace and capture errors and exceptions with ease.
  • Leverage distributed tracing capabilities to track calls made from one application to another across various platforms and languages.
  • Get an overview of your application architecture using Service Maps.

Live End User Experience Monitoring using RUM

Applications Manager's Real User Monitoring (RUM) tool provides real-time critical insights into user interactions in your website or web application. It monitors numerous critical metrics to help you understand of how your websites perform for your end users from different geographies. With RUM, you can:

  • Understand user saisfaction with the help of Apdex scores.
  • Identify web transactions that lead to poor user experiences.
  • Gain insights into sessions and domain resources.
  • Find and fix javascript errors instantly.
Web Application Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Web Application Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

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