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Oracle Performance Monitoring

  • Applications Manager is an agentless Oracle performance monitoring software that provides multi-dimensional analysis, out-of-the-box oracle database monitoring reports and performance metrics to help you analyze the database server usage, availability and server health.

  • Oracle datafiles monitoring made easy

    Datafiles are physical structures where the oracle database essentially stores data. Applications Manager helps you easily track data growth, send real time alarms when datafile size exceeds threshold, take corrective action by creating and associating scripts, and more. Learn More

    Oracle datafiles monitoring ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • In-depth Oracle table space monitoring

    Monitor table space usage and growth by tracking how data grows in the Oracle database and ensuring proper provisioning at the right time. You can setup alarms when there is a violation of thresholds, for real-time monitoring of table space growth. Learn More

    Oracle table space monitoring ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • Precise monitoring of Oracle ASM Disk Groups

    Oracle ASM virtualizes the underlying disk storage acting as an interface between the Oracle instance and storage devices that contain the actual data. View ASM statistics graphically, with full drill-down capability to the ASM disk group and ASM disk level.

    The ability to monitor Datafiles consists of tracking the disk group state, sending real time alarms when the state changes, monitoring memory (total and free), monitoring performance and availability of thousands of Oracle ASM disk groups from a single multi user web console and more. Learn More

    Oracle ASM Disk Groups monitoring ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • Monitoring Oracle Sessions made easy

    The metrics that can be monitored include User Sessions, Elapsed Time, CPU used by a Specific User, Number of Memory Sorts, Number of Oracle Table Scans, Physical Reads, Logical Reads, Number of Commits, Cursor and Buffer Cache Hit Ratio. Learn More

    Oracle sessions monitoring ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • Out-of-the-box support for availability and performance monitoring of databases

    Applications Manager Database Query Monitor allows you to monitor specific business metrics, generate alarms, execute an action when it is down and generate availability reports on a single web console. This allows greater flexibility and eases day-to-day operations for the user.

    Database Query Monitor is primarily used to monitor specific business metric(s) such as Business Metrics, Additional Performance Metrics, and Performance of a Query. Learn More

    Oracle performance monitoring ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • Oracle Database job scheduler

    The Oracle Database job scheduler helps you schedule jobs to run at a designated date and time or upon the occurrence of a designated event. You can boost database performance by managing, monitoring, and controlling scheduler jobs more effectively.

    Some of the metrics for oracle job and backup management are last run status, date and duration, next run date, job execution details like run, failure and retry count, elapsed time, last backup time and status.

    Oracle Database job scheduler ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • The other key performance indicators monitored by Applications Manager include attributes for database backup status across all versions of Oracle, including the latest 12c version, Oracle ASM instances, PGA (program global area) details, processes, scheduled jobs, objects approaching max extents and more, Monitoring Oracle Recovery Point Objective (RPO), i.e. the amount of data you can afford to lose, if your server has a failure, and more. Learn More

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