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Monitor Oracle Datafiles

Oracle Performance Monitoring: Oracle Datafiles Monitoring

Monitoring Oracle datafiles made easy

ManageEngine Applications Manager provides indepth Oracle Monitoring capability in addition to providing Oracle datafile monitoring. An Oracle DBA can monitor datafiles and track data growth by using the Web Client provided by Applications Manager. While Oracle tablespaces are the logical structures, datafiles are the physical structure where data is actually stored by the Oracle Database. A tablespace may point to one or more data files where the data is physically stored. It is hence important for the database administrator to monitor datafiles in addition to monitoring tablespace for ensuring smooth functioning of production databases.

The ability to Monitor Datafiles Consists of :

  • Tracking data growth
  • Configuring Applications Manager to to send real time alarms when datafile size exceeds threshold
  • Ability to take corrective action by creating and associating scripts
  • View Reports for Capacity Planning
  • Monitor Performance and Availability of thousands of Oracle Databases from a single multi user web console
Monitor Oracle Datafiles

Oracle Datafile Monitoring Metrics:

Some of the metrics for Oracle datafile management are as follows.

  • Datafile Created Bytes
  • Number of Reads Per Datafile
  • Number of Writes to a data file
  • Average Read Time (ms)
  • Average Write Time (ms)
  • Health and more

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