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Oracle cloud Infrastructure Compute

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

Oracle Cloud is Oracle's built-in cloud platform that gives enterprises the control they need to manage their servers, applications, storage, networks, and even their data centers. Oracle Cloud services such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and DaaS are used to build, deploy, integrate, and extend applications in the cloud.

Tracking key components of your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will give you deep insights into the health and availability of your resources, so you can optimize the performance of Oracle Cloud applications, and respond to anomalies in real time. Applications Manager's Oracle Cloud monitoring solution provides fine-grain visibility into every component of your Oracle Cloud environment, enabling you to optimize the performance of business-critical Oracle Cloud services.

Track key performance metrics of your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers support for various products, such as Compute, Storage, Networks, Security, Database Management, Analytics and Big Data, and more. Applications Manager's Oracle Cloud monitoring tool will give you granular insight into its compute capabilities.

With Applications Manager's support for Oracle cloud, you can:

Seamlessly monitor your compute elements.

Applications manager monitoring the performance metrics of various instances

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute lets you provision and manage compute hosts known as instances. Tracking the health, capacity, and performance of your Oracle instances will help you ensure that they're always up and running. It also lets you create virtual machine and bare-metal instances that will run your business-critical instances with high availability. The shapes of bare-metal and virtual machine instances depends on multiple parameters, such as memory, CPU cores, network bandwidth, etc.

  • Bare-metal compute: Bare-metal compute instances support applications requiring high core units, copious amounts of memory, and high memory bandwidth. Applications Manager helps you ensure that bare-metal compute instances provide unparalleled visibility, control, and isolation to end users.
  • Virtual machines: Virtual machine instances can run on the same type of servers as bare-metal instances. You can run multiple VMs that are isolated from each other. Leverage VMs of different sizes to cater to varied workloads.

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Monitor CPU and memory details.

CPU and memory utilization with performance and availability of the Oracle cloud
Screenshots of disk read and disk write IOPS graphs ManageEngine Applications Manager

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure uses "shapes" as templates to determine the number of CPUs and amount of memory allocated to newly created instances. Achieve optimal trade-off between resource allocation and performance by selecting a shape that meets the requirements of your workload. Adjust the number of compute instances in an instance pool by tracking key performance metrics like CPU and memory utilization. Keep track of critical metrics like disk read, disk write, and more.

Keep tabs on your boot volumes.

Boot volume graphs for read and write operations

New boot volumes are created for instances when you launch a virtual machine or bare-metal instance based on custom images. Measure the volume and throughput operations of your compute instances, track volume statuses to understand and manage potential data inconsistencies, effortlessly specify boot volume size, and receive alerts when thresholds are violated.

Effectively track block volumes.

Block volume statistics for various blocks assigned depicted by ManageEngine's Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Tool

Oracle block volumes add storage capacity to an instance and enable you to dynamically provision and manage data. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helps you create, attach, connect, and move volumes, enabling you to meet your storage and application requirements. Migrate data between instances, and ensure that your data is safely stored even when it's not connected to an instance. Perform volume backups and retain them based on selected backup policies; get a granular view of business critical metrics like volume read/write throughputs, volume read/write operations, etc.

Achieve maximum network efficiency.

Performance metrics of various Virtual Network Interface Cards assigned

Track VNIC (Virtual Network Interface Cards) to determine how an instance connects with endpoints inside and outside VCNs (Virtual Cloud Networks). Keep tabs on the number of network requests sent across each instance, and perform source/destination checks on network traffic. Identify changes in traffic due to security violations by proactively monitoring the number of packets dropped during transmission and reception.

Resolve issues quickly and understand performance trends.

Applications Manager in action with the forecast report by growth trend

Applications Manager's Oracle Cloud monitoring tool will help you automatically detect anomalies before they affect your customers, identify the root cause of various issues and troubleshoot them quickly, notify you instantly in case of errors, and escalate issues through email or SMS. Understand capacity utilization and growth trends with machine learning (ML)-enabled analytics.

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