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Oracle Monitoring

An autonomous database with a built-in data collection infrastructure, Oracle Database utilizes a licensed feature called the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR). Given the widespread use of Oracle databases and their importance in supporting business operations, it's essential to use a dedicated Oracle database performance monitoring tool to monitor the performance of these databases to reduce business downtimes.

Organizations should employ an Oracle monitor that enables them to:

  • Measure response times every hour to ensure fast throughput
  • Monitor important performance metrics
  • Identify performance bottlenecks, notify database admins, and help them drill down to the origin of issues
  • Perform database performance analytics

ManageEngine Applications Manager's Oracle monitor offers multidimensional, out-of-the-box Oracle monitoring, prompt alerting, and insightful reports. Because of its numerous features, Database Performance Analyzer for oracle by Applications Manager is a powerful Oracle performance monitoring tool used by thousands of IT admins.

Gain insight with Applications Manager's Oracle database monitoring tool.

Given its complexity, Oracle database monitoring is often both challenging and time-consuming, and important parameters can easily slip through the cracks. With an effective Oracle monitoring software, it's easy to track the performance of various facets of Oracle database, especially metrics related to tablespaces, sessions, SGAs, datafiles, and disk I/O.

Extensive details about Oracle tablespace

Applications Manager's Oracle database performance monitoring tool tracks the usage and growth of your Oracle tablespace and helps you ensure proper provisioning of tables. Utilize Applications Manager Oracle monitoring tool to monitor the performance and status of tablespaces by keeping an eye on important metrics like allocated bytes, allocated blocks, percent of used and free bytes, free blocks, read/write data, datafiles' details and more.
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Oracle Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor Oracle sessions with ease

By monitoring Oracle sessions, you gain valuable information about the server load, and using an Oracle DB monitoring tool like Applications Manager's Oracle monitoring solution makes it easy to optimize your database. You'll receive details regarding sessions, session users, session summary, and session wait.
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Oracle Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Memory details of your Oracle database

When it comes to optimization of resource usage and query latency, efficient storage of data in memory goes a long way. With Applications Manager's Oracle database performance monitoring tool, monitor Oracle database's memory structures and processes by tracking PGA and SGA stats.
Learn more about monitoring Oracle memory structures.

Oracle DB Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor ASM disk stats

Oracle ASM manages the underlying disk storage; it acts as an interface between the Oracle instance and storage devices that contain the actual data. It simplifies the administration of Oracle related files by evenly distributing individual disks and files into disk groups. With Applications Manager's Oracle performance monitor, you can view ASM statistics graphically, with full drill-down capability to the ASM disk group and ASM disk level.
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Monitor jobs and backup details

Oracle Scheduler allows you to design schedules and run programs on designated schedules. While most Oracle server monitoring tools offer surface-level metrics about database health and availability, Applications Manager's Oracle monitoring software monitors the performance and status of numerous other metrics, such as Oracle jobs and backup jobs. Information about the status of jobs, last run status, last run duration, run count, and failure count can reveal a lot about your Oracle databse's efficiency.
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Oracle Database Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Protect your data by monitoring your Oracle Data Guard environment

In order to effectively set up a stable data protection system, it's important to understand your recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) needs. Ideal Oracle database monitoring tools allow you to monitor important data guard metrics. Applications Manager also allows you to monitor the log details (alert and redo logs).

Monitor alert logs

When your database encounters an issue, it's important to examine your alert logs. During alert log monitoring, it's critical to filter the warning logs from the actual error logs. Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle by Applications Managercollects these logs and classifies them into severe, critical, important, and normal alerts for effective monitoring. It also provides granular details about the logs, such as message level, record ID, originating time, host address, and message text.

Oracle Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Pinpoint the element responsible for slow response

In most cases, slow latency is the result of queries or locks. By monitoring queries and locks, you can drill down and isolate the SQL statements and locks consuming significant time. You can also monitor custom queries with Applications Manager Database Query monitoring.
Learn more about Database Query monitoring.

Fix faults faster with fault management system

Applications Manager's Oracle application monitoring software provides you with a highly functional fault management system that includes a Root Cause Analyser, which allows you to identify the source of the faults and resolve issues faster. You can set thresholds for various Oracle performance attributes and receive alerts immediately upon violation. By setting up Anomaly Profiles, you can recognize gradual degradation in performance and prevent it from going downhill by resolving issues before they become potential threats.

Visualize Oracle data with exhaustive reports

View graphs and historical performance for all Oracle database attributes. With trend analysis reports, you can analyze performance trends with increased precision. Using Applications Manager's Oracle performance monitor, you'll make informed decisions with forecast reports, which perform predictive analysis by using machine learning techniques.

Monitor Oracle Database - ManageEngine Applications Manager

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Applications Manager is more than just an Oracle DB monitoring tool; it also offers comprehensive monitoring for the following databases:

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