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Overcome real-time Server and VM monitoring challenges

These are the questions asked during Overcome real-time Server and VM monitoring challenges training.


  • Is it possible to identify the cause/trigger for the spikes in the CPU/Memory of the virtual server which has caused the actual problem? Applications Manager will send the list of top processes with the help of Alert Notification / Actions. By looking at the process list, you will be able to identify the cause/trigger of the CPU/Memory spikes in the virtual server
  • Can we dig deeper into individual processes at a granular level using Applications Manager?You can dig deeper into the performance of individual process (like SQL / Java / Exchange etc) by adding individual application for monitoring in Applications Manager. For instance, the SQL monitor will show which query in SQL is consuming more CPU/Memory, etc.
  • Will APM Insight monitoring cause any performance issues to the applications that are monitored? The APMInsight agent can consume 1% to 5% of the resources based on the number of request your application has to process, number of method calls being instrumented, agent configurations like sampling factor, etc. To know more about APM Insight, refer to the below links:
  • Can SAP Web Dispatcher be monitored in Applications Manager? You can monitor SAP Web Dispatcher using Custom monitoring (URL or URL Sequence or RBM) option in Applications Manager by monitoring the SAP Dispatcher URL,
  • Is it possible to monitor user session details in Applications Manager?You can monitor user session details with the help of Application server monitoring option in Applications Manager.
  • Does Applications Manager support monitoring for SAP ABAP? Yes, we do support SAP ABAP monitoring in Applications Manager. Refer:
  • Can we obtain user's audit details using SAP ABAP monitoring in Applications Manager?As of now, audit details for users in SAP ABAP is not available out of the box. However, if it is available in CCMS monitoring templates, you can add custom CCMS monitoring in Applications Manager for it.
  • What is the polling time set for applications to trigger alerts in case any resource goes down?By default, the polling interval is set for 5 minutes. The minimum possible value that can be set is for 1 minute.
  • Where can I find the option to view audit logs in Applications Manager?Audit logs can be viewed under Admin -> Tools section. Refer here:
  • How to convert an alert to a ticket?You will have to integrate the ServiceDesk Plus/ServiceNow tool for ticketing and add ticket action to the monitors in Applications Manager.
    Refer here:
  • What is the overhead that agents put on server applications?For server monitoring, we do not run agents on the server. So the overhead caused while collecting data is low.
  • Does Applications Manager support hypervisor monitoring? Yes, Applications Manager supports hypervisor monitoring. Refer here:
  • Can we monitor using custom scripts in Applications Manger?Yes, you can do so using Script monitoring option in Applications Manager. Refer here:
  • Is it possible to monitor network utilization for servers time to time in Applications Manager?Yes, it is possible with server monitoring. Refer here,
  • What to do for the false-positive reported by the operations team? For example, for a process, if we get a 'Down' alert in one poll, but in the next poll, it is reported as 'Up' and checked it on the operating system there is the same PID. How I can know what actually has happened with this service/process?Based on the mode of monitoring, the Applications Manager will either execute commands or query WMI to get process details. While querying, either due to the network load or load on the system, if proper results are not returned, you might get false alerts. If you are facing this problem frequently, you can use the Admin tab -> Action / Alarm settings -> Consecutive Polls Count option. You can change it to "Check 2 out 2 consecutive polls before reporting service is down or an attribute is critical"
  • Does Applications Manager support monitoring for RedHat Fuse services?At present, we do not support RedHat Fuse service monitoring However, if you can enable the JMX option in that application, then you can them using Custom monitoring option in Applications Manager.

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