Release Notes

  1. Release Notes for 9.0.0
  2. Release Notes for 8.0.2
  3. Release Notes for 8.0.1
  4. Release Notes for 8.0.0

Release Notes for 9.0.0



  1. Ability to define 'Scope' for the users to manage a specific set of computers has been introduced.
  2. Support for database migration from PGSQL to MSSQL has been introduced.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  1. UI localization support has been included for 'German'.

  2. Apache service used in Desktop Central is now upgraded to Apache 2.4.7

Scope of Management

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  1. Under SoM, ability to identify the live status of the Desktop Central agent has been introduced.

  2. Remote Office Names can now be renamed.

  3. You can now set a remote office as default, to manage computers which does not fall under any IP range.

  4. Issue in creating remote offices using the CSV import has been fixed.


Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  1. New configurations templates for Windows 8 have been added.
  2. Desktop Central now supports blocking/unblocking Apple USB devices using iTunes.

Patch Management


  1. Support for automating installation of Mac OS X Security Updates has been added.
  2. Ability to uninstall patches has been introduced
  3. Ability to scan for service pack updates has been introduced.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  1. Automatic patch deployment supports deploying 'unrated severity' security patches.
  2. Fetching Patch details in 'All patches' view has been optimised.

  3. Shutdown & Reboot actions can now be performed from Systems View Under Patch Management.

  4. Issue in wrongly updating the Patch DB Sync status as successfully synced, when the sync fails due to connection failure has been fixed.

  5. Issue in wrongly listing computers, for which the health status is not available has been fixed.

  6. Issue in wrongly updating the patch download status, for non English patches has been fixed.

  7. Issue in exporting custom group data from 'All systems' view, when the custom group name contains '#' has been fixed.

Software Deployment


  1. Software Deployment for Mac computers has been introduced.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  1. Under Software Deployment, learn more has been introduced for creating packages manually.
  2. Administrators will be allowed to create new packages from a template when the originally created package has been modified to change the location of the software from HTTP to Network Share.

  3. Issue in creating Software Packages through templates while using Google Chrome browser has been fixed.

Inventory Management


  1. Software inventory has been enhanced to detect the software that are installed for specific users.
  2. USB Audit is a new feature introduced to audit the usage of USB devices.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  1. Automatic retrieval of warranty for Mac computers has been introduced.
  2. Automatic retrieval of warranty details for computers has been optimized.

  3. Under Inventory, ability to fetch Mapped Logical Disk and Motherboard has been introduced.

  4. Ability to detect the Processor family details of a Mac computer has been introduced.

  5. Issue in fetching inventory details of a Mac computer has been fixed.

  6. Issue in performing an Inventory scan on Mac computers by clicking the "Scan Now" button when the Mac computers reach the Desktop Central Server using an public IP Address has been fixed.

  7. Automatically fetching warranty information for HP computers has been temporarily stopped.

Mobile Device Management


  1. Mobile Device Management now supports Android.
  2. Desktop Central MDM now provides advanced control over managing Samsung SAFE devices.

  3. Desktop Central now supports Bring Your Own App (BYOA) - Blacklist / Whitelist

  4. Desktop Central now supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - Self Enrollment

  5. Desktop Central now supports posting MDM Asset data to Servicedesk Plus in integrated mode.

  6. Ability to track the geographic location of devices has been introduced.

  7. Ability to enroll multiple iOS devices using Apple Configurator has been introduced.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  1. MDM now supports managing devices running iOS7.
  2. Ability to reset passcode for Android devices has been introduced.

  3. A new profile to configure the Access Point has been added for iOS devices.

  4. Ability to disable or uninstall a Blacklisted App, on SAFE devices has been introduced.

  5. You will now be able to customize the email content for Enrollment and App Distribution notifications.



  1. 'Remote Shutdown' is now supported for Mac computers.
  2. System Manager is a new feature introduced to view the currently running process and services of remote computers.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  1. Wake On LAN feature is enhanced to wake up computers belonging to different subnets.

Remote Control

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  1. Active X Viewer component download location of remote control has been changed to %UserProfile%.
  2. If the computer is updated with latest Java update (Java 7 U 25), issue in initiating remote control session from that computer has been fixed.

  3. While using Remote Control feature, issue in switching between multiple monitors of the remote computer has been fixed.

  4. Issue in viewing the remote control sessions has been fixed.

  5. While integrated with SDP, issue in wrongly displaying the user who initiates remote control session has been fixed.

SDP-DC Integration

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  1. When Desktop Central is integrated with Service DeskPlus, issue in creating an APD task from SDP has been fixed.
  2. When Desktop Central is integrated with SericeDesk Plus, Asset Details of Android devices will also be updated in ServiceDesk Plus database.

  3. When Desktop Central is integrated with ServiceDesk Plus, the chat transcript can be directly be logged as a new ticket in ServiceDesk Plus.

  4. ServiceDesk Plus can now share the warranty information from Desktop Central inventory in integrated mode.



  1. Ability to archive the agent logs from Agent Tray Icon has been introduced.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  1. Desktop Central agent service now do not require "Allow service to interact with desktop" option be selected.

  2. Issue in increase of the Desktop Central Agent service logs randomly in few computers has been fixed.

  3. If the agent creation fails, ability to notify the reason for failure and to recreate agent has been introduced.

  4. Issue in displaying currently logged on user names, which contains single character has been fixed.

  5. Issue in Agent-Server communication on a Mac when Desktop Central Server should be reached via Public IP Address has been fixed.

Release Notes for 8.0.2


    1. Now DesktopCentral Supports PostgreSQL database.

    2. UI localization support has been included for "Simplified Chinese".

    3. Now DesktopCentral Supports Windows 8 Operating System

    4. Agent service is enhanced to recover automatically in case of repeated failures.

    5. Now DesktopCentral Supports NTLM Authentication with MS SQL Server.

    6. Option to remember the login credentials has been removed from the Desktop Central login page.

    7. Data provided in 'Feed Custom Data for computers' can now be listed in SoM computer view.

    8. 'Distinguished Name' is added in SoM policy view.

    9. Software Metering report has been introduced in Inventory Computer Details page.

    10. The targets chosen by a technician for a configuration will be remembered for the next configuration he/she defines.

    11. Configurations which were skipped due to agent not-reachable, will be applied as soon as the agent comes live.

    12. Automatic Patch Management UI has been enhanced to report the status and details of task.

    13. New settings for iOS 6 such as App Lock and Global Proxy Settings have been added.

    14. Support for using dynamic variables in Email and Exchange Active Sync has been added.

    15. You will now be able to enroll multiple mobile devices for the same user

    16. Remote Sessions which are idle for a specific time can now be automatically disconnected.

    17. Query Report is enhanced to be exported in .pdf format.

Bug Fixes

    1. Issue in displaying previous login details in the Agent tray icon is fixed.

    2. Issue in fetching wrong device model for Lenovo computers has been fixed.

    3. Issue in identifying Internet Explorer 8 installed on a computer has been fixed.

    4. Issue in showing duplicate printers connected to a computer has been fixed.

    5. Issue in selecting OU with same name while defining a target has been fixed.

    6. Issue in sending the "Not Applicable" status when multiple targets were selected has been fixed.

    7. Issue in creating User Profile member in "User Management configuration" has been fixed.
    8. Issue in selecting computers while clicking on 'Deploy Missing Patches button' has been fixed.
    9. While enrolling a mobile device, issue in validating the reason for authentication failure has been fixed.
    10. Issue in configuring Email settings on the mobile devices when IMAP option is chosen has been fixed.

    11. Issue in suggesting the apps available in App Store while adding an App to MDM App Repository has been fixed.

    12. Issue in using 'Ctrl + Alt + Del keys' during remote session, for computers running Windows XP or older versions has been fixed.

    13. Issue in using 'Shift Key' during remote sessions has been fixed.

    14. Issue in 'switching users' during remote session for computers running windows vista and later versions has been fixed.

    15. Issue in closing remote control service while disconnecting remote sessions has been fixed.

    16. Issue in publishing the scheduled reports url in HTTPS mode has been fixed.

    17. Issue in applying filters in User Logon History report has been fixed.

    18. Issue in exporting an empty XLS file as scheduled email reports has been fixed.

Release Notes for 8.0.1


    1. Support for managing Windows Server 2012 and computers running Windows 8 OS has been included

    2. Desktop Central Server migration settings have been enhanced to include support for migration when Server and Database runs on different computers

    3. Ability to define criteria-based custom group of computers has been included.

    4. Warning to notify low disk space on the Desktop Central Server has been included.

    5. You will now be able to include more devices types like Portable, Tower, All in Ones, etc., to your Dynamic Custom Group.

    6. Support for managing Mac computers included.

    7. Option to automatically add/remove computers from SoM when a computer gets added/deleted from Active Directory has been included

    8. Option to automatically remove computers that do not contact the Desktop Central Server for specified number of days has been included

    9. Alert has been introduced to notify the sync failures in AD Sync.

    10. Option to auto-detect OU/Group changes and to apply the relevant configurations has been included.

    11. Message displayed in the Reboot Policy can be localized.

    12. Windows Storage Server Edition detection has been enabled.

    13. Six new Configurations templates have been added

    14. Custom script configuration now includes support for executing Power Shell scripts.

    15. Windows Services configuration will now support restarting a service.

    16. Auto-Uninstallation of Prohibited software now extends support to EXE based applications

    17. Automatic retrieval of warranty information has been enhanced with proper error handling and date detection logics.

    18. Inventory reports have been enhanced with 'Asset Tag' details.

    19. Issue in automatically uninstalling a prohibited software when the MSI is installed with "Just Me" privilege

    20. Patch scanning has been optimized to reduce the scan timing.

    21. Office Patch Detection Mechanism is enhanced.

    22. Ability to download java patches automatically has been handled

    23. Reboot/shutdown option in the Reboot Policy creates a alert message for the end user after patch and software deployment stating that, the computer will be rebooted/shutdown in the specified time. Users can now postpone the Reboot/shutdown time by clicking on the drop down from the alert message box.

    24. Patch Scan Systems view will now show the date and time at which the computer was previously rebooted.

    25. Mobile Device Management capability has been included to manage mobile devices running iOS 4.0 and above

    26. hat feature has been added

    27. Options to schedule Remote Shutdown, Wake On LAN, and Scheduled Report tasks on a specific day of the week has been included

    28. Duration of a remote connection is now represented in hh:mm:ss instead if minutes

    29. Remote Control will now include an additional column to show the last contact time.

    30. Ability to add work log to a ServiceDesk Plus request from Remote Control has been included.

Bug Fixes

    1. Issue in initiating a remote connection as a Desktop Central user other than the default 'Admin' user has been fixed

    2. Issue in accepting special characters in Custom Group Name has been fixed

    3. Issue in MSSQL Database migration has been fixed.

    4. Issue in listing 'Dynamic Custom Reports' has been fixed.

    5. Issue in displaying contents of the network browser is fixed.

    6. Issue in displaying 'improper Column names' in random fields, has been fixed.

    7. Issue in replicating the patches to the Distribution Server when checksum validation fails has been fixed.

    8. Issue in agent executable getting crashed when WMI is not enabled on the computer has been fixed.

    9. Issue in agent on-demand client component has been fixed.

    10. When a configuration is applied to multiple OU's with exclusion criteria for specific machine types, 'DCconfig Application Error' gets displayed in the target computers/users. This issue has been fixed.

    11. Issue in allowing access to USB devices from Device Manager when it has been disabled from Secure USB configuration has been fixed

    12. Issue in applying the File/Folder Configuration when the file/folder has a trailing space at the end has been fixed

    13. Issue in applying configurations to users/computers of a child domain has been fixed.

    14. Issue in getting updates from computers/users to which a configuration was not deployed has been fixed.

    15. Issue in displaying 'secure USB excluded device list' has been fixed.

    16. Issue in enabling overwrite option, while modifying 'File Folder Configuration' has been fixed.

    17. Issue in deploying configurations to all the computers when using dynamic custom group as a target, which has 'not equal' criteria defined within it, has been fixed.

    18. While creating "Install Fonts Configuration" from templates, issue in duplicate entries has been fixed

    19. Issue in resetting user profiles to default values in Folder Redirection configuration for OS versions Vista and above has been fixed.

    20. Issue in fetching the warranty details of a computer when Desktop Central Server connects to the internet via Proxy Server has been fixed.

    21. Issue in reporting multiple monitors' details has been fixed.

    22. Issue in showing duplicate monitor details when computers have multiple monitors has been fixed.

    23. Issue in fetching the Product Key of MS Visual Studio and Visual Studio 2010 has been fixed.

    24. "Prohibited software exclusion filter" issue has been fixed.

    25. The details of the user who request to use a prohibited software will also be sent along with the computer from where the request is initiated.

    26. Issue in fetching inventory details from Mac Mini and Mac Book Air has been fixed.

    27. Problem while creating APD has been fixed

    28. Issue in changing the owner of the APD task with the user who has modified it has been fixed.

    29. System Health policy and Configure Proxy view has been re-enabled under Patch settings

    30. Issue in accessing Desktop Management functions from ServiceDesk Plus console when the domain of the ServiceDesk Plus user has changed is fixed.

    31. While creating a package using 'SDP - DC iframe console', issue in selecting the installables has been fixed.

    32. Issue in creating task for Deploying software from Service Desk plus has been fixed

    33. Issue in Query Report has been fixed.

    34. Issue in 'User Logon Report Settings' has been fixed.

    35. In user reports, displaying "0" in "Days to pwd expiry" issue has been fixed.

    36. Issue in showing the data for Query reports when the date column has null or zero values has been fixed.

    37. Issue in displaying negative values in "Days To PWD Expiry" field and wrong status in "Is PWD Expired" field has been fixed.

Release Notes for 8.0.0


    1. Support for MS SQL Database has been included

    2. The image format of the screenshot attachments sent using the Help Desk Requests from Desktop Central icon in system tray is made configurable.

    3. Support for user environment variables in Custom Script has been introduced.

    4. 'Show deployment progress' and 'Skip deployment' options introduced in Install/Uninstall software configuration.

    5. Configurations deployed to an OU or Active Directory Group will automatically be applied to any new computers/users that gets added to that OU or group

    6. Option to deploy configurations immediately has been included for computer configurations.

    7. Option to exclude specific USB device instance from being blocked has been included.

    8. Option to exclude computers based on the processor type has been included.

    9. Option to save an existing configuration as a new configuration has been included.

    10. Apply Always Option is enabled for Power Management,Shared Network Printers,File Folder Operations,Services,Firewall and Permission Management Configurations.

    11. File Folder Configuration has been enhanced to support copying files via HTTP to make them work across WAN.

    12. Templates for disabling automatic updates for Adobe Reader,Adobe Shockwave,Java and Microsoft Reboot Notification on specific computers have been added.

    13. Deployment Options like deployment time, reboot policies, etc., can now be saved and loaded from templates for software, patch and servicepack deployments.

    14. Remote Control initiated computer's IP audit is introduced in Action Log Viewer.

    15. Remote Control now has the functionality of prompting even the user is not logged in or the computer is locked.

    16. Administrators can also configure the color quality for the remote connections to optimize the bandwidth. The color quality and compression level can be set at the remote office level, which will be common for all the computers in that remote office.

    17. Support for viewing User Access Control (UAC) dialogs of the remote computers has been included in Remote Control. This is applicable only for client computers running Windows Vista or Windows 7 OS.

    18. Remote Control will now provide the history of remote connections established using Desktop Central with the duration of each sessions.

    19. Remote Control has been enhanced with an option to connect with "View Only" mode.

    20. Option to make User Confirmation permanent has been included in Remote Control.

    21. Software Metering is a new functionality introduced. This can be used to get the software usage for the selected applications.

    22. Inventory Alert notifications has been enhanced to include the ability to customize the alert messages.

    23. Software License Management has been enhanced to include the ability to add multiple license purchases and to associate a license to a resource.

    24. Disk Usage report now includes a detailed view to get the drive specific usage statistics.

    25. Software Metering engine has been optimized to address the performance issues.

    26. Option to disable Software Metering feature has been included.

    27. A new report to view the computers running specific services has been included.

    28. SM Bios reported version details are included in the Inventory, Computer Hardware Details.

    29. Automatic retrieval of warranty information for Lenovo computers has been included.

    30. Option to specify the DNS name of the Distribution Server along with its IP Address while creating a remote office has been included.

    31. SoM page has been enhanced to include Agent Installation, Uninstallation and Last Upgraded time.

    32. Moving Desktop Central installation from one computer to the other is made easy with the option to provide the details of the new computer in the user interface.

    33. Automatic synchronization of computers between Active Directory and SoM has been included to detect the deleted and newly added computers.

    34. Introduced a new feature called Scheduled Reports which enables you to receive query reports, custom reports and predefined reports in specific formats and a at a specific time.

    35. Ability to automatically scan to fetch the systems' warranty has been included for Dell, HP and Toshiba computers.

    36. Reports based on system warranty has been included under Inventory Reports.

    37. HTTP Software Repository location for packages in software deployment can be changed.

    38. Automated Patch Deployment has been enhanced to improve performance.

    39. Patch Management has been enhanced to include an option to mark a patch as "Approved", "Decline", etc., in Download Patches, All Supported Patches and Latest Patches Views.

    40. Memory usage during Patch Deployment has been optimized.

    41. Option to download a patch again in the Download Patches View has been added.

    42. Option to schedule an Automated Patch Deployment task on a specific day of the week in a month has been included.

    43. Long lived TCP connections are used to enhance on-demand actions.

    44. Windows 7 (x86 and x64) Service Pack 1 and Windows 2008 R2 (x64) Service Pack 1 is Supported.

    45. IP scope feature is introduced ,which can auto change Agents Remote Office setting on the client computer according to the Scope defined in Desktop Central.

Bug Fixes

    1. Issue in recreating the agents even when there is no change in agent properties has been fixed.

    2. Application error in dcconfig.exe during user logoff has been fixed.

    3. Black screen when sending screenshot attachment from agent tray icon helpdesk issue is fixed.

    4. Issue in remote control service getting crashed while closing a remote session has been fixed

    5. Issue in registering the Desktop Central Agent as a windows service after agent up-gradation has been fixed.

    6. Issue in displaying the wrong execution status when the patch or the configuration is not applicable in one or more computers has been fixed.

    7. Issue in order of deploying configuration as Collection is fixed.

    8. Issue in repeatedly processing the user configuration when multiple users login to a computer has been fixed.

    9. Issue in showing the correct update time in the execution status view of the configurations has been fixed.

    10. Issue in applying configuration has been fixed.

    11. Issue in adding target computers/users from a remote office where the length of remote office name exceeds 50 characters has been fixed.

    12. Issue in deploying Software and Patches when the installation option is selected as "Install during Startup" has been fixed.

    13. Issue in connecting to a remote computer having multiple IP Addresses has been fixed.

    14. Support for capturing/rendering the transparent windows in Remote Control has been included.

    15. Issue in establishing remote connections from Inventory and Patch views has been fixed.

    16. The issue related to upgrading agents in remote office names that contain Latin alphabets has been fixed.

    17. Issue in taking Remote Control of Windows 2003 Server that has an active Remote Desktop Connection has been fixed.

    18. Issue in high memory usage in software metering has been fixed.

    19. Issue with Microsoft Office 2010 product key fetch is fixed.

    20. Issue in modifying the license details of the software when the software name contains an '&' character has been fixed.

    21. Issue in displaying the hard disk details of computers running non-English versions of Windows OS has been fixed

    22. Issue in showing negative values in Physical Memory for a computer when flash memory is detected has been fixed.

    23. When a prohibited software that is awaiting administrators approval is disabled (not prohibited), the users where it was detected earlier will continue to see the warning on every logon. This has been fixed.

    24. Issue in sending test email while creating a scheduled report has been fixed.

    25. Issue in scheduled prohibited software report has been fixed.

    26. Issue in showing a wrong login time in User Logon History reports has been fixed.

    27. Issue in deleting the software install-able from the client computers after successful installation of the software has been fixed.

    28. Issue in listing folders with special characters (apostrophe and comma) in network browser has been fixed.

    29. Issue in showing the Managed Computers in the Scan Systems and All Managed Systems view under the Patch Management has been fixed.

    30. Issue in Automate Patch Deployment has been fixed.

    31. Issue in showing a wrong start time of the "Automated Patch Deployment" task in the email notification has been fixed.

    32. Issue in showing Patch Deployment status as "Reboot Pending" even if the system has been restarted has been fixed.

    33. Issue in patch download due to transaction timeout has been fixed.

    34. Issue in retrying Automated Patch Deployment tasks has been fixed.

    35. Distribution Server service startup issue has been fixed.

Release Notes for 7.0.1


    1. Desktop Central Server performance has been optimized.

    2. Free Edition limit extended to manage up to 25 computers.

    3. Support for scheduled backup of the database used by Desktop Central has been added.

    4. Role based administration has been introduced. You can define roles specifying the modules and access levels, which can be delegated to users.

    5. In Define Target Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 have been added in the exclude OS list.

    6. Custom group filter has been added for 'Software Usage by Computer' report.

    7. Computer Name column added in e-mail alerts of Prohibited Software/New Hardware Detected/New Software Detected.

    8. Computer Details view enhanced to include the system details like installed Windows Services, local users and groups in that computer.

    9. Exclude Custom Groups option has been added for Auto-Uninstallation of Prohibited Software.

    10. User Notification before Auto-Uninstallation of Software has been added.

    11. "Logged On Users" column included in Inventory Reports.

    12. Asset Data from Desktop Central can now be integrated with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus.

    13. The Computer Details view of the Inventory Reports will now include the Serial Numbers of Monitor and Hard Disk.

    14. License Management enhanced with the ability to attach license files and invoices to the software. You will also be able to add license details of software that are not detected in your network.

    15. System Vulnerability Summary will now include additional system details like the operating system, service pack version, etc.

    16. Support for deploying patches for Non-Microsoft applications has been included.

    17. You will now be able to specify the type of updates with the severity levels while adding the Automated Patch Deployment task.

    18. Vulnerability Summary, which includes the application and missing patch information, of the computer can now be exported to PDF/CSV/XLS formats.

    19. 'Manager' column has been added in 'All User Accounts' Report under AD Reports category.

    20. Option to create and save Custom Query Reports has been included.

    21. Remote Office agent communication (Distribution Server / Direct Communication) can now be modified from the SoM page.

    22. Remote Office details can now be imported using a CSV file.

    23. Inclusion of Alerts for Distribution Server.

    24. Apache web server has been integrated to improve the performance for large network of computers.

    25. Support for deploying File and Shared Printer Configurations to Windows Vista, Windows 2008 and Windows 7 computers have been added.

Bug Fixes

    1. Issue with Non-English Computer names displayed in Network Browser is fixed.

    2. Issues related to Active Directory computers with names exceeding 15 characters have been fixed.

    3. 'java.lang.Exception: NetBIOS and DC name cannot be null' issue while clicking on the workgroup name in SoM page has been fixed.

    4. Issue with selecting all computers while adding computers in SoM has been fixed.

    5. Issue in displaying computer message box on Vista and above has been fixed.

    6. Issue in showing a pop up in Windows 2000 computers stating non-availability of a DLL file has been fixed.

    7. Remote Office names sorted in filters.

    8. Issue in installing agents on Vista and above when UAC is enabled has been fixed.

    9. Agent side fix for inventory scanning.

    10. Issue with Microsoft Office 2007 Productkey fetch is fixed.

    11. Prompt User issue in Remote Control has been fixed for Multiple User Login of Vista/2008 Server/Windows 7.

    12. Issue in Schedule Vulnerability Update is fixed.

    13. Issue in Reboot Policy during Patch installation is fixed.

    14. Issue in deploying the patches that have dependent patches has been fixed in the Automated Patch Deployment process.

    15. Time interval issue in Filter has been fixed for all reports.

    16. Number of characters allowed in the NOTES field of AD Reports has been increased.

Release Notes for 7.0.0


    1. Distribution Server introduced to reduce the bandwidth consumption in managing computers across WAN

    2. Support to block/unblock specific USB Devices included

    3. Desktop Central internationalized to manage computers running non-English version of operating systems

    4. Support for Windows 2008, Windows Vista, and 64-bit included

    5. Power Management Reports has been introduced.

    6. Ability to create Custom Reports has been included

    7. Automatic Patch Deployment enhanced with the ability to define multiple tasks.

    8. Install / uninstall silent switches of popular software now comes pre-filled

    9. Option to automatically uninstall the prohibited software from the managed computers has been included.

    10. Support for applying user configurations when you switch from one user to another has been included for Windows Vista and Windows 2008.

    11. Custom group creation has been enhanced by listing the computers/users in a tree view with search and filter options.

    12. Option to enable/disable trimming of column values in reports has been included

    13. IP Printer and Shortcut configurations can now be deployed to computers.

    14. A new report  "Software Product Key" has been added under Inventory module.

    15. Support for viewing Remote Desktops from Firefox 3.0 and above has been included.

Bug Fixes

    1. Desktop Central Server performance has been optimized.

    2. Desktop Central agent binaries have been digitally signed.

    3. Issue in deploying patches in bulk has been fixed.

    4. Issues in Drive Mapping and Folder Redirection Configurations have been fixed.

    5. Issue in updating the patch database manually has been fixed.

    6. Issue in downloading patches and service packs has been fixed.

    7. Issues with dynamic variables has been fixed.

    8. Issue while deploying configurations with multiple targets has been fixed.

    9. Issues related to child domain networks has been fixed

    10. Issue in showing duplicate listing of computers in the SoM page has been fixed.

Release Notes for 6.0.3

  1. Adding multiple packages while defining an install software configuration is introduced.

  2. Introduced MS-Office Patching Support and service pack installation.

  3. Commercial Software Grouping is introduced in Inventory module.

  4. Provision added to terminate Windows Remote Desktop connection and establish connection with Remote Control of Desktop Central.

  5. Introduced Connect with IP option in Remote Control.

  6. Ctrl+Alt+Del for Vista OS is handled in Remote Control.

  7. Introduced IP range in the Define target Section of Configurations.

  8. Sending AD Reports by E-Mail is introduced.

  9. Introduced Rebranding Option to change Desktop Central logo.

  10. Added 64-Bit OS Support for Inventory, Patch Management, Software Deployment and Remote control.

  11. Added Windows 2008 OS support for Desktop Central Agents.

  12. Provision to change E-Mail domain for Help Desk emails is added.

Release Notes for 6.0.2

  1. Support for managing computers across WAN included.

  2. In software deployment, environment variable support is added for the network paths, pre, post installation scripts. Eg: %ProgramFiles% --> C:\Program Files

  3. Support for establishing remote connection from Mozilla has been added.

  4. Options to lock/unlock remote computers and to black-out remote monitors have been added in Remote Desktop Sharing.

  5. Scheduled installation is added in Patch deployment configuration.

  6. Prohibited Software Report is added in Inventory.

  7. Export PDF option is included In Computer Details of Inventory Management.

  8. Provision added to delete an already defined message box through message box configuration.

  9. Option added to apply configurations on every logon/bootup.

  10. Automatic detection of Windows Firewall and adding necessary exceptions (required for Desktop Central server) is handled.

Release Notes for 6.0.0

  1. Support for Windows Workgroup added

  2. Support for configuring desktop in multiple domains has been added.

  3. Support for creating custom groups of users and computers has been added. The groups can then be chosen as target for deploying configurations/patches/software.

  4. Wake on LAN tool included.

Release Notes for 5.0.0

  1. Hardware and Software Inventory module included.

  2. Support for installing EXE packages in addition to MSI

  3. Support for Configuration Templates Added.

Release Notes for 4.0.5

  1. Microsoft Non Security Patches are supported for deployment.

  2. Provided an option to delete the failed download patches from patch configuration download status page. Also, provided an option to deploy from download status page.

  3. "Fix on Errors" option for Check Disk system tool is added.

  4. Provision to define SoM with individual computers.

  5. Added multiple OUs support in SoM definition.

Release Notes for 4.0.4

  1. Provision added for multiple user login in Desktop Central with different access roles.

  2. Folder Redirection configuration has been enhanced to copy the local folder contents to the redirected folder.

  3. ActiveX Component used for Desktop Sharing is signed for security reasons.

  4. Active Directory Reports loading performance has been improved.

  5. Status update and additional filtering options have been added for "Install Software" configuration.

Release Notes for 4.0.3

  1. System Tools that can be scheduled on multiple client machines have been added.

  2. New configurations, File and Folder Operations and Permission Management, have been added

  3. Patch Management enhanced to include support for installing service packs of Microsoft products.

Release Notes for 4.0.2

  1. Active Directory Reports enhanced to include over 90+ granular reports of the individual components.

  2. Included User Logon Tracking Reports for an up-to-date user logon details with history.

  3. Ability to schedule report update interval has been included.

  4. Enhanced Remote Desktop Sharing with the ability to change the screen resolution.

  5. New look and feel for better usability.

Release Notes for 4.0.1

  1. Ability to connect to remote desktops through web browser using Remote Desktop Sharing.

  2. Added Power Management configuration to define and apply power schemes to the client computers.

  3. Option for instant and manual installation of agent software on the client computers.

  4. Option to uninstall agent software from client computers.

  5. Number of users, computers, and container details are added in Resource Browser.

  6. Improved usability of Add configuration and SoM page screens.

  7. Issues related to persisting Active Directory computer details in database is fixed.

Release Notes for 4.0.0

  1. Patch Management module included - enables automatic detection of the required patches, download and install in the affected systems.

  2. Computer configurations to manage windows local groups, users, and to install patches have been included.

  3. Scheduler configuration has been added to schedule tasks for users.

  4. Reports relating to Patch Management have been included.

  5. Ability to view and audit the tasks executed using Desktop Central has been added.

Release Notes for 3.0.1

  1. Configuration based reports have been enhanced with more details.

  2. Provision to remember view settings like the page size, sort order etc. across logins.

  3. Overall usability is enhanced for the product.

  4. Provision to change the admin credential alone in Scope Of Management (SOM) settings page.

  5. Issues in Active Directory reports with large number of users is fixed.

  6. Issues with multiple ip addresses given in target exclude is fixed.

  7. Issue with creating  shortcut in User Quick Launch Bar is fixed.

Release Notes for 3.0.0

The key features of this release are:

  1. Ability to define configurations for users and computers in the Windows 2000/2003 domain from a central point.

  2. Out-of-the-box configurations include Alerts, Message Boxes, MS Office, Display, Outlook, Drive Mapping, Path, Environment Variable, Registry Settings, Folder Redirection, Security Policies, Internet Explorer, Shared Printer, IP Printer, Shortcut, Launch Application, Windows Installer, Firewall, Services, Legal Notice, Custom Scripts, and Common Folder Redirection.

  3. Ability to run custom scripts to get complete administration control over the domain.

  4. Multiple configurations can be defined and deployed to users or computers simultaneously using Collections.

  5. Ability to define selective targets for applying the configurations. Targets can be either single user/computer or all users/computers belonging to a Site, Domain, OU, or Groups.

  6. Ability to view the status of the deployed configurations from the Desktop Central client.

  7. Ability to suspend, modify, and redeploy defined configurations.

  8. Comprehensive reports for the defined configurations and other Active Directory components.