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Deploying patches for password-protected BIOS

This feature is available on the Enterprise, UEM, and Security editions of Endpoint Central for builds 11.2.2338.1 and above.


Deploying BIOS updates

Once the credentials have been mapped, the BIOS updates can be deployed to the systems either via a Manual Deployment or via an Automate Patch Deployment task.

Review the BIOS-mapping status of the systems

Admins can review and monitor the BIOS-mapping status of all the systems in the network from a single dashboard. To review the status of these systems on the console, navigate to Patches (or Threats & Patches) > Systems > BIOS Mapping Status (under Attention Required). The system status has been broken down into three types:

  1. Protected & Mapped: List of systems with password-protected BIOS, whose credentials have been added to the server. Installing BIOS updates for these systems would not require any authentication from the end-users.
  2. Protected & Unmapped: List of systems with password-protected BIOS. These systems would require user authentication while installing BIOS updates.
  3. Unprotected: List of systems in the network without password-protected BIOS.

Review BIOS mapping status