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Enhancements and Bug Fixes between 91000 and 91025


Desktop Management

  1. Desktop Central now supports Russian.
  2. Ability to modify the time format of a computer, using Configuration Templates has been introduced.
  3. Ability to lock a computer, when it is idle for a specific period of time, using Configuration Templates has been introduced.
  4. Ability to create a desktop shortcut for "Help Desk Request" using Configuration Templates has been introduced.
  5. Ability to view the "last patched time" has been introduced under All Systems view, in Patch Management.
  6. Ability to generate User logon reports, for Workgroup comptuers has been introduced.
  7. Ability to rebrand Desktop Central agent has been introduced.
Mobile Device Management
  1. Appx format apps can also be now added to App Repository under windows phone enterprise apps.
  2. ME MDM Geo-Tracking for iOS is now optimised and enhanced to track the location of managed devices instantly.

Bug Fixes

Desktop Management

  1. Issue in installing Desktop Central Agent on computers running Windows XP (x86) has been fixed.
  2. Issue in deploying a "Drive Mapping Configuration", when the mapped drive's label is empty has been fixed.
  3. Issue in installing agents on Linux computers in some specific cases has been fixed.
  4. Issue in recording remote sessions, when the agent computer is running on non-english operating system has been fixed.
  5. Issue in sending alert when a prohibited software is installed has been fixed.
  6. Issue in displaying "Local Users Report" has been fixed.
  7. Issue in retrieving the installation date of the Operating System has been fixed.
  8. Issue in displaying the hard disk size of the computers has been fixed.
  9. Issue in adding new users, for customers who are using "Desktop Central's Tool Add On license" has been fixed.
  10. Issue in integrating Desktop Central with ServiceDesk Plus, when SDP's communication is secured with third party certificates in .pfx format has been fixed.
  11. Under Configurations, issue in filtering computers running on Windows 8.1 has been fixed.
  12. Issue in deploying a configuration to a computer, when the name contains more than 15 characters has been fixed.
  13. Issue in fetching DNS details under inventory has been fixed.
  14. Vulnerability in establishing remote connections using SSLv2 & SSLv3 has been fixed.
  15. Issue in disconnecting the remote sessions randomly, has been fixed.
  16. Issue in sending screen shots, while a help desk ticket is raised using agent tray icon has been fixed.
Mobile Device Management
  1. Issues in App Catalog of ME MDM App for iOS have been fixed and design changes have been implemented.
  2. In ME MDM, issue in length of app name added in App Repository has been fixed.