The crossover you never expected: Vulnerability Management is now part of Endpoint Central.
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Don't get left behind: Drop the silos between endpoint management and security with the all-new Vulnerability Management add-on for Endpoint Central. We all know that Endpoint Central does a great job at orchestrating endpoint management routines. Now, with this add-on, we're propelling Endpoint Central towards endpoint security to keep tabs on threats and vulnerabilities in your network.

Unlock new benefits with the Vulnerability Management add-on

  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk factors such as severity, CVSS scores, impact type, age, patch availability, and exploitability.
  • Isolate and identify publicly disclosed or actively exploited vulnerabilities using the dedicated zero-day view.
  • Utilize work-arounds to mitigate zero-days before the fixes arrive.
  • Rectify security misconfigurations like weak passwords, legacy protocols, firewall traversal, unencrypted disks, and open shares, and bring them back to compliance.
  • Use security recommendations to harden web servers from many attack variants like XSS, clickjacking, and brute-force attacks.
  • Identify and uninstall unsafe remote desktop sharing and peer-to-peer software.
  • Audit obsolete software and keep track of software that is about to reach its end-of-life.
  • Monitor vulnerability trends over time to stay on top of network security.
  • Use executive summaries and threat priority reports to communicate risks and track progress.

Here's how integrating the Vulnerability Management add-on with Endpoint Central can help you step up your endpoint security game:

  • Break down the silos between endpoint management and security.
  • Automatically correlate vulnerability intelligence and patch management with an integrated console.
  • Easily extend vulnerability management capabilities to machines that are already managed using Endpoint Central.
  • Utilize additional dashboards to stay vigilant of threats and vulnerabilities at a glance.

Life is better when you don't need to toggle between two tabs. Streamline all your vulnerability management tasks right from the Endpoint Central interface.

Steps to enable the Vulnerability Management add-on in Endpoint Central:

  • Navigate to Admin > Integrations > Vulnerability Management.
  • Click Request license from the Vulnerability Management add-on integrations page.
  • You'll be redirected to a form where you can provide your details and request a trial license from our sales team.
  • Once the trial license is enabled, the Patch Management module in Endpoint Central will be renamed "Threats/Patches."

Note: Both the patch management capabilities and the newly integrated threat and vulnerability management capabilities can be accessed from the Threats/Patches module. The threat and vulnerability management capabilities of the add-on include all the features of the standalone vulnerability management solution.

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