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Get an integrated view of your jFlow traffic in real-time with NetFlow Analyzer

Juniper Flow or jFlow is a data flow sampling technology employed by switches and routers developed by Juniper and is supported by Juniper SRX routers. jFlow analyzer, a part of NetFlow Analyzer collects and analyses each exported sampled IP input stream to provide real time network performance analysis reports, identify top talkers and conversations, thereby strikingly improving the ability to avoid bandwidth bottlenecks, diagnose and troubleshoot network issues. The jFlow monitoring software in Netflow Analyzer, allows you monitor jFlow traffic in addition to the the various other supported flows.

Storage of data from all the flows exported from routers is always a dilemma when there is high traffic, as it consumes a lot of disk space. Consider an organization where the jFlow traffic is extremely high. There might not be adequate space available to store all data and generate reports. This is where our complete network traffic analytics tool comes in handy. Apart from network monitoring, diagnosing and troubleshooting issues and generating reports, jFlow monitoring software allows you to sample the incoming traffic based on your requirement. A part of the observed network traffic, assorted sequentially based on sampling rules, is used to build flows. Individual flows may be missing from the reports, when sampling is enabled, which thereby enables the jFlow analyzer to monitor more traffic without affecting performance. jFlow analyzer allows you to set the sampling rate depending on the requirements, thereby providing an option for full-fidelity recording as well.

Benefits of jFlow monitoring

  • Monitoring and reporting tools that provide a clear picture of the organization's bandwidth needs
  • Identifies and avoids bandwidth delays in real time
  • Allows you to sample data, thereby enhancing the amount of jFlow traffic monitored

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